Internet Stalker

Internet Stalker

Thanks for the many emails and messages.  I’m sorry, still no end in sight.

My personal internet stalker seems to be unable to stop talking about me, pretty much relentlessly.

This obsession he seems to have and the harassment it entails are ongoing.

It has become very creepy and my family have asked me to continue not to blog as they are concerned about the situation.

Sorry for the time out.  It is necessary.

Sorry, Still The Same

Sorry, Still The Same

I’d like to thank the people who have written or contacted me asking about when the blog will restart.  It is really nice to have your kind support and well wishes and I appreciate it.

Unfortunately, the snipes and character assassination by the local newspaper Editor have, if anything, got worse.  Tweet after tweet, comment after comment and article after article I find myself the target, while the Usual Suspects circle around him and join in the character assassination.

Nor am I the only one.  Increasingly, others are finding that if they dare to challenge they become a target themselves.

So I wont be restarting my blog as it only gives him and his mates ammunition.

It is a shame that it has come to this after nearly a decade, but you can’t fight the power of a biased newspaper Editor.  You just have to hope and have faith that the truth will win through.

In the meantime I will continue to do the best I can for my constituents and my community.  Same as always.

My response in regards to the Alan Lay Conduct Committee

My response in regards to the Alan Lay Conduct Committee:
We each must do what we think is right. I thought Alan Lay out of order and that he had breached the Code of Conduct and so I made a complaint – after trying to reach a resolution without doing so and failing.
The Conduct Committee’s job is to look at situations like this and make a ruling. Previously, when Alan Lay made a complaint about me they ruled in my favour. This time, I was the complainant and they ruled in Alan Lay’s favour.
That’s their job and I think the results show that they do their best to be impartial and fair, despite claims otherwise by some.
In regards to the result – I took it to the Committee because I thought it was the right thing to do. But we all make mistakes and that is why the Committee is there, to resolve such disputes.
It would be hypocritical of me to be pleased when Alan Lay’s complaint was previously rejected and then to complain when my own was in this instance.
The Committee have decided Alan Lay did not breach the Code of Conduct and that was decided fair and square. I am happy with the way the matter was handled and fully accept the result. .

Time Out

Time Out

I’m going to take some time off of my blog.

When a newspaper Editor like John Elworthy decides to attack you relentlessly there’s really nothing you can do about it.

You are powerless to do anything but watch the character assassination take place.

People believe the horrible stuff that the newspaper prints even when it is a pack of lies.

I’ve always had thick skin, but there’s a limit to what anybody can deal with.

I think its best if I take some time out as its really getting me down and its also affecting my family.

.. And So It Begins…

.. And So It Begins…

So apparently, the intention of the collected opposition is to try and “brand me” with a new unpleasant nickname :)

A fairly standard tactic of cheap opposition is this “isolate and target” of one individual. It serves three purposes. To try and make them feel isolated. To try and demoralise them. And to try and repeat a name often enough that people not involved “believe” it.

This is not the first time they have tried this. In the past, I just “owned” the stuff they were saying.

So, if you live locally, expect to see the Usual Suspects using the same (broadly false) phrases in letters to the newspaper (which will be immediately and uncritically printed, of course), in social media and in person.

I don’t know if its just me that has the honour of being the target, or if they will try the same thing with others. Either way, it’s going to be a … um … colourful few months.

Yours Sincerely,

“Mr Nasty” (apparently) :)

St Peters Car Park : Update

St Peters Car Park : Update

I said earlier that I would publish the written response I got from the Officer at FDC regarding St. Peter’s Car Park. I have now received it and I am publishing it (below). I have removed some bits for confidentiality and made some minor changes for clarity, but this is otherwise exactly what I received.

Dear Councillor,

It was good to speak with you earlier and I apologise for not contacting you in regards to the work in advance of it taking place.

The changes within Church Terrace Car Park are being undertaken in part as routine maintenance and in part as minor improvement works to remove some of the kerbed island obstructions that have prevented the car park layout from being reconfigured into the intended layout that was designed
back in 2002 and to which the then new street lights were positioned.

Additionally there are a couple of trees that have already been removed or are planned to be removed which were identified as either diseased or non thriving from a recent Picus survey.

The kerbed islands and some small areas containing shrubs and bedding plants which were funded by FDC for the In Bloom scheme are being removed so that we can facilitate the 2002 layout. Ultimately this will improve the operational flow and safety
of the car park whilst creating some additional parking bays.

Not all the works will be undertaken this year as we do not have any Capital funding for the scheme and as such we intend to only carry out small aspects of the works over the next two years. What we are aspiring to do this year is remove the small central islands, undertake patching repair works and then reline the main body of the car park.

The planting areas and perimeter trees will all remain as will the large tree island opposite St Rapheal’s Club along with the island opposite the FDC toilets.

The large island in the middle with the temp informal footpath will remain but will need to have some kerb line amendments undertaken to make the island more square in shape.

Once the car park has been reconfigured there will be some triangular areas which will not be suitable for parking. These can be looked at with a view to reinstating some raised planted or bedding areas.

I hope this provides you with a sufficient overview, however should you need any further information, please contact me or feel free to pop into our offices.

In regards to St Peters Car Park

In regards to St Peters Car Park

I had no idea the work was happening as the Ward Councillor. Nor did any other Town Councillor to the best of my knowledge. I was as surprised as everybody else.

This morning I have phoned the Officer in charge of the work and spent much time on phone to him getting the information as to what is going on.

I will try and explain what is happening as per what I have been told. I am as frustrated by it as everybody else.

What I have been told:

I am told that this work dates back to a 2002 plan which was agreed and then could not continue because the funding dried up. The Officer have been doing bits and pieces of the work ever since whenever some funding became available.

I am told that this was was considered basically routine maintenance and that is why they did not notify Town Council or any of the Councillors in Town. They did, however, notify the In Bloom volunteers, they say. I am also told that the flowers/plants planted by Street Pride were funding by the office doing the work originally, that all the plants with some worth have been safely removed and can be replanted. Trees that are being removed have been identified by a professional survey as requiring removal as they are sick, or “not thriving.”

I am told that the removal of the bays has been on the cards since 2002 and that it is part of a complete redesign of the layout and markings which will improve the car park and make many more spaces available as the space and layout is currently not optimal. The work also includes relining and resurfacing sections of the car park as part of this.

I am also told that the Officers are very surprised that there has been an outcry over this as they considered it routine work and that they felt that had let the In Bloom team know in good time and also explained to them that the plants would be removed and replanted.

Finally, I am told that the intention is to make new flower bed areas once the work is finished – putting them in the places where the cars cannot park in the new layout.

What I have said:

I have explained that I am very unhappy about not having been notified of this work as the local Ward Councillor and I am sure my other Councillor colleagues feel the same. Had we known in advance we could have warned that they had misunderstood the feelings of local people. We could also have helped them negotiate a plan that would not upset our local volunteers who have spent so much time working on making the car park look nicer.

I have asked the Officer to put everything he has said to me in writing, and when I receive that I will share it with you all.

I did write to the Officers last night asking them to hold off any work until we had time to look at what was going on. Unfortunately, most of the work was done very quickly and those islands are already flattened and bare – ready for their completely removal. The Officer has informed me that none of the larger islands around the edge of the Car Park are being removed, although a piece is to be “cut off” of the edge of the one in the middle which splits the car park in two.

It is very frustrating that this has happened without me being given any notice whatsoever. At a bare minimum I should have been notified long in advance, and in my opinion so should the rest of Town Council. We were not. I cannot turn back the clock, but I will be making it very clear that this is unacceptable and must never, ever happen again. I will write to the Cabinet Member at FDC in the strongest terms, and also raise this as an issue at Wisbech Town Council.

I feel very sorry for the hard-working volunteers who have spent so much time trying to make the car park look nicer. They are true champions of the town and it is, in my opinion, unfair that this has happened in this way. But it appears to boil down to a misunderstanding by Officers as to the level of upset it would cause – one which I have endeavoured to put them straight about.

I am as unhappy as anybody – I live near the car park and use it every day. I liked the islands of green too. But the Car Park *does* need relining and surface work. I just wish they’d considered the possible consequences of the action rather than relying on an old plan without any consultation.