Wisbech Rock Festival 2017

Wisbech Rock Festival 2017

I enjoyed Wisbech Rock Festival immensely. What a massive day for our town.
Three stages, all with superb acts. An enormous crowd in the thousands, possibly the highest overall turnout the Festival has ever seen.
A true family event with people of every age and many nationalities just having a lovely time, in the sun. No trouble worth nothing, no problems the team could not handle, just a smooth and brilliant event.
Although walking around in the Mayor’s gear was somewhat warm, it was great fun to meet so many Wisbech people and visitors to our town. Thank you all for being such good fun. Without you there would be no event, of course.
I was pleased that my Mayor’s Stall made nearly £200 for the Mayor’s Charities.
The bands and acts were great. The DJs and MCs smashed it from start to finish. The acoustic acts gave everybody somewhere peaceful to sit and enjoy a more relaxed melodic area.
It was a privilege to meet Jade, the young lady who has made the loom band that was nearly a mile long. Wow, that was impressive! But even more impressive is the hundreds of pounds she has raised for McMillans. Well done!
Well done particularly to Anthony James Steward who was the driving force behind the amazing Ducky D Mind Control DJ Stage. Anthony is an ambassador for dance and rave and long may he continue with his brilliant team and acts. Also thanks to David Topgood for helping me with the Mayor’s walkabout and to my parents and the rest of the WCP team for being such stalwart volunteers.
Kudos also to The Oliver Family, without whom these events would not be safe, would not run smoothly, and probably would not happen at all. Briliant work from Garry Tibbs, the previous Mayor, who was our exemplary compere this year. Thanks to all the many stewards and volunteers who helped from dawn ’til dusk and beyond.
But most of all, thanks to the Leader of the Town Council, Samantha Hoy – who was the main organiser and whose work over many months is what makes this event possible at all.
What a fantastic team. Thank you for making this event such a huge success and for allowing me, as the Mayor, to be a part of it.

Stormy Teacups

Stormy Teacups

Two off-duty Citizens’ Patrol members encountered a situation today near Tillery Fields.
Some teenagers were having an almighty to-do, screaming at each other, crying, threatening to kill one another, swearing and being broadly loud and unpleasant. Onlookers were aghast at the scene which seemed to be escalating rapidly.
The WCP members had a difficult decision. On the one hand it was kids being kids to some extent, but on the other some of the older boys were being very aggressive. It the patrollers ignored it, and then something bad happened, they would feel terrible.
In the end, they tried a polite and friendly intervention, just as normal members of the public. The teenagers remained aggressive to anybody who got anywhere near the unfolding drama, with two lads in full “peacock mode”.
In the end, the decision was taken to call the Police, as it was unclear if the situation would get worse and what might happen. To their credit, Police were there within a couple of minutes, and very ably deescalated the whole thing.
Nice work volunteers and very very nice work Police.

Allotments and Afternoon Teas

This morning I was walking around acres of Town Council allotments, helping judge which win the annual allotment awards.

Unknown to many, Wisbech is full of these little secret gardens, growing fresh vegetables and delicious fruit.  Gardeners toiling quietly away to make their plot vibrant, colourful and fruitful.

Later in the day I was at Elgoods Brewery enjoying an afternoon tea with the residents of St Johns House, who are ably looked after by the Wisbech Charities organisation.  I enjoyed the whole day and met a lot of interesting and engaging people.


The Spinney Fun Day 2017

The Spinney Fun Day 2017

I had a fantastic day at the Spinney.  First opening the new pagoda that was donated by the Clarion/Circle group and then being the DJ for crowds of excited kids throughout the day.

I enjoyed last year’s event too, but this year was exceptional.  Particularly good fun was the water slide, made from simple materials on the little zip wire hill.  Laughing happy kids covered in mud and soaking wet ran about the place in a frenzy of fun activity.

Flood Wall Cracks

Flood Wall Cracks

Recently some people raised concerns about cracks in the flood wall on the North Quay.

It was reported and has now been inspected.

This is the response, FYI:

“Thanks for the information regarding the cracks in the brickwork on the North Quay.

We have inspected the brick wall and have concluded that we do not appear to have anything to worry about – there appears to have been some slight differential movement where the wall changes direction. We will however monitor this in the future and take remedial action if required.

You will have noted that the repair work to the damaged wall on the south Brinks has been completed. Work is about to start on the replacement of the copings on the north Brinks wall on the 7th August (there will be traffic lights for several weeks during daytime).”

North Ward / Waterlees By-Election, Part 2

North Ward / Waterlees By-Election, Part 2

Just returned from a hectic afternoon canvassing with the North Ward / Waterlees Conservative team.
There was a huge pack of us out today and we managed to canvass and leaflet a large area.
This campaign is a lot of fun as everybody seems to know all three of our candidates so well. Not sure I’ve ever been on a campaign where the candidates seem to know every person, their partner, their kids, their grandparents in quite this way before :) But its brilliant to be working with such a passionate and LOCAL team.

North Ward / Waterlees August 2017 Campaign Begins

North Ward / Waterlees August 2017 Campaign Begins
Campaigning started for the North Ward / Waterlees By-Election today.
It was a nice day for the North Ward Team to be out and about and we encountered many local people on our rounds.
The atmosphere remains upbeat and positive as it was in May. Things are really changing now and I think people recognise that.
Looking forward to getting Andy Maul, Andrew Lynn and Laura Cobb elected! That will be such a strong team. Alongside Billy Rackley and I, we will be able to really get things done.
Thanks to the people we met en route. Looking forward to seeing many, many more people in the month ahead and introducing them to our three excellent Conservative candidates.

Edina Court Fete

Edina Court Fete
The Mayoress and I were invited to Edina Court this afternoon to officially open their Summer Fete and to enjoy the company of residents, family and staff.
My Wife was presented with a lovely bouquet of flowers. We enjoyed chatting to residents very much – we are always warmly welcomed at Edina Court and everybody there is great company.
We even won on the tombola and the raffle.
We particularly enjoyed chatting to the lady in the garden, who seemed to know rather a lot of the people whose names are on my Mayoral chain. She had many stories and anecdotes which was fascinating.
A very pleasant afternoon all around.

The Future Of Wisbech Castle

This post has been submitted by a guest contributor.   This particular Guest Post is written by Cllr Sam Hoy, Leader of Wisbech Town Council.

The Future Of Wisbech Castle

This morning I attended the assets committee at Cambridgeshire County Council with my colleague Steve Tierney to present the business case I had written for Wisbech Town Council. We both gave presentations, aware that the outcome of this committee would be vital to the future of this valuable community asset.

I am so pleased to say that the committee supported our bid in its entirety. Now we can go forward to protect and maintain the Castle as a community asset and as a vital part of the towns heritage for residents for many years to come.

All aboard for bus service launch



July 28, 2017

All aboard for bus service launch

It was all aboard in Wisbech as the Wisbech Tesco Bus Service celebrated its official launch.

Three weeks after the No 68 service went into operation, civic dignitaries and business representatives gathered at the Horsefair Bus Station on Friday, July 21, for a special launch event.

Guests were welcomed by Councillor Simon King, Fenland District Council’s Portfolio Holder for Transport, who told how the service had been designed through the authority’s Wisbech Bus Service Project using Tesco S106 funding.

Created following the withdrawal of the failed Tesco 66 Service last year, the project was set up to develop a community-led approach to a new bus service design and offered a genuine opportunity for local residents to influence a new route and timetable.

Belinda Pedler, the Council’s Wisbech Bus Service Project Co-ordinator, also provided guests with an insight into her work with the community, public transport providers and organisations over the last few months to design and plan the new service.

Feedback from bus service users before the 66 service was withdrawn revealed what wasn’t working and where improvements could be made, and gave the Council a strong focus to make the new service work better.

It meant the 68 service would not only provide access to Tesco Extra and other businesses in Cromwell Road, but also to local healthcare, education and community facilities, as well as residential parts of South and North-West Wisbech not served by other public transport.

Guests also enjoyed a trip on the bus service to Tesco Extra, where they enjoyed refreshments from Tesco and Costa and a speech from Wisbech Mayor Steve Tierney.

Cllr Tierney said: “The Wisbech Bus Service Project is a unique approach putting local customers’ needs at the heart of bus service design. At a time when many public transport services are being withdrawn, the decision to maximise the potential of the Tesco S106 funding this way is very important.

“It is great to see a project delivered with such a strong emphasis on local engagement. No one knows better what local peoples’ needs are than local people themselves. To focus on a community-led design for a new local bus service will surely make all the difference in ensuring it becomes a successful, long term service.”

Passengers who had travelled on the new service since its launch on July 3 were also entered into a prize draw to win a luxury hamper from Tesco. The winner, announced at the launch event, was Lucy Moody, of Wisbech.

The bus service will initially run as a 12-month pilot and if successful will aim to become a permanent local bus service. It is operated by Fenland Area Community Transport (FACT), although you do not need to be a member of FACT to use the service.

For more information on timetables, routes and fares (free to concessionary bus pass holders), visit: www.fenland.gov.uk/wisbechtescobus

Also keep a look out on Twitter (@FenlandCitizen) and the council’s Facebook page in the coming months for more bus service competitions and offers.