I was pleased to encounter a lady while canvassing this week who immediately recognised me on the doorstep.  She was very nice and assured me that she had noticed all the work I had been doing as her Councillor, that she supported many of the actions I had taken and that she and her husband had received my monthly newsletter and both enjoyed reading it.

Sounds like a good start, right?

So we chatted for a while and then I asked if I could count on her support in the election and she said: “I’m sorry, no, I’m voting Labour.”

So, no worries, this happens sometimes.  But I was bemused.  Hadn’t she just assured me that she was entirely happy with my work as her Councillor and that she appreciated that I had done the job well?  So I said: “Of course, it’s your vote to use how you choose.  If you are a Labour supporter then it makes sense that you would be voting Labour nationally, but wouldn’t you vote locally for the Councillor you thought would work hard for you?  Have you met the Labour candidate?”

She explained that she hadn’t met the Labour candidate and that, in fact, no Labour person had ever knocked on her door.  She knew very little about them and she even admitted that she could not see how a Labour Councillor could do any more than I had been doing.  So I asked: “Have I taken some action you don’t approve of?”  She said I had not, and that in fact she approved of the Town Council’s work and broadly of the District Councils work too.   She had simply voted Labour all her life, and that she simply could not bring herself to ever do otherwise.

The tribal vote is something all parties have and all candidate’s for all parties encounter it.

But if got me wondering.  Am I the same?  If I lived in an area where there was a hard-working Councillor from another party who I thought had done everything they could and represented me well – and if there was a Conservative who I didn’t think would be anywhere near as good, would I still vote for them?

Truth is, I honestly don’t know.  I have never lived anywhere in which the local hard-working Councillor was not a Conservative, so the issue has never arisen.  But I suppose that sometimes it must.  I like to think that in that instance, if I was sure the Conservative would not be as good a Councillor, I would consider voting some other way.  Never UKIP, obviously, but potentially for Labour or the Lib Dems if the Councillor was not too militant and seemed to be up for the work involved?  I like to think so, but I don’t really know for sure.  Maybe I am as tribal as that lady was?

Of course, each of us owns our vote.  We can use it any way we like.  We can vote based on person, or party, or eye colour, or a cool-sounding name, or the toss of a coin.  It’s our choice, based on each of our values and perspective.  But I find it interesting, nonetheless.

St George’s Day Event

St George’s Day Event

I’ve been out all day volunteering with the Wisbech Town Council St. George’s day event, which is primarily aimed at kids and families.


We were blessed with sunshine and the day went smoothly featuring a free bouncy castle, free facepainting, various competitions including fancy dress, colouring and the annual Dragon Hunt.  There were stilt walkers, firebreathers and jugglers.  There were knights and damsels and colourful hijinks.  There was a storyteller (me, as it happens, save the jokes ;)  )  and a wonderful Punch & Judy show.  Loads of kids and parents came by and joined in the fun.


I noticed a few things.  I noticed that the Lithuanian and Latvian and Polish and English kids all played and laughed and had fun together without any problem whatsoever, while their proud parents watched them have fun and smiled.  I noticed that none of the key opposition – Independents or UKIP – turned up to help.  Nothing new or surprising there.  Except you’d have thought UKIP might have come along, given how they keep saying they want to limit people’s holiday choices by making St. Georges Day a Bank Holiday.  


I also noticed that with the change in the weather there has been a change in the mood.  People seem ready to let the sunshine in.  Long may it continue.


Thanks must be given to all the volunteers who turned out early this morning to set up marquees and tables and chairs and display boards.  To Veronica from The Angel who painted so many happy Children’s faces.  To the excellent bouncy castle and Punch & Judy people.  To the very very very tall man and the jester :)  To the folks from 2020Productions for all their invaluable help and enthusiasm.  To the awesome ladies from Cats Pajamas who are so supportive both in terms of time and resources.  To David & Jess Oliver, Sam Hoy & Garry Tibbs for their tireless work.  To Susannah Farmer of course, and to the Mayor & Mayoress, Michael & Jane Hill.  To David Gutteridge – aka the Viking – who had the idea to do all this in the first place a couple of years ago.  I’m sure there were others I am forgetting, so thanks to them too!


Dear Special Friend

Dear Special Friend,

I am in safe receipt of the latest installment of your delightful letter campaign.

I’d like to thank you for being a regular reader of my blog.  It is gratifying to know that the opposition takes the time to read it and that you find it challenging and interesting enough to write to me about.

Your rather direct and personal style is a joy, making it so easy to understand the points you are trying to make.  Even the CAPITAL LETTERS you write in are helpful, since I am a little short-sighted in my old age and this assists me in perusing your vivid content.

What I particularly like, when I get a new letter from you, is the fact that you were subject to the cost of a stamp, an envelope, paper, printing and most importantly – time.  That will be time that you are not spending spewing your nasty poison on somebody else.  Please do continue to send me your letters, better that than somebody who might actually be affected by them.

I am glad that we have now moved on from the threats just to the insults though.  You will appreciate that it’s quite difficult to take threats seriously from an anonymous coward who thinks that they can intimidate and bully through the post.  At least now I can appreciate your colourful invective for what it is.  I fear you have woefully misjudged your ability to intimidate but have no desire to knock your clearly fragile ego.  I think you need help, to be honest.

I am concerned for your health.  I understand and appreciate that “Haters gonna Hate” as they say.  I am sure you have a large reservoir of hate and that it must extend beyond your fixation and stalking of me.  All this venom is not good for you and I’d like to offer some helpful advice.  If you are a person of Faith, may I recommend prayer as a good way to come to grips with your violent and negative emotions?  If you are not a person of faith, then physical exercise, or therapy, or both, might be appropriate outlets.

Very Best Regards,

Steve Tierney



It is NOT appropriate to abuse the poppy as a cheap local political gimmick.

It is NOT appropriate to abuse the memory of fallen heroes as a cheap local political gimmick.

It is NOT appropriate to suggest that the SNP – however we may not want them propping up a Labour Government – are in any way similar to the Nazis.

It is NOT appropriate to say “don’t let their sacrifice be in vain” referring to fallen soldiers who died fighting for our country, in regards to the possibility of the SNP propping up a Labour Government.  The Scottish fought and died alongside the English, brave Scottish regiments were and are part of the British Army.

No amount of wriggling, or lawyerly word games, or weak justifications makes any of this okay.  It is not okay.  It is rotten.  It is disrespectul.  And it was desperately ill-judged.

UKIP Candidates should be ashamed of themselves for the front page of the wraparound ad in the latest Fenland Citizen.

Anybody can make a mistake.  Perhaps this was just a mistake?  If so, fair enough.  But as candidates or agents representing the party that placed the local ad; Charalambous, David Patrick, Lisa Duffy, Paul Clapp, Alan Lay and the rest should all apologise, in my opinion.  I doubt they will.  But if they accept that this was an abuse of the memory of fallen heroes and an insult to the Scottish who fought by our side, then they should.

Nick Clarke

Nick Clarke

“I bet you won’t be blogging about Nick Clarke, Steve,” an opponent teased me on Social Media.

Well, no, I wasn’t going to.  But not because I avoid blogging about things that aren’t “on message” – actually I’ve really never shied away from such things.  More because my focus is on the national and the local and, since I left County Council, Nick Clarke falls somewhere between those two areas.

But, as the saying goes: “Challenge accepted!”  You know me, Dear Reader.  When somebody tells me I can’t or wont do something, it just makes me want to do it more. :)

My friends spotted this as being “a thing” some time ago, but I wasn’t ready to believe it.  However, the proof is in the pudding and that pudding is presently being served in large portions at the other end of the County.

So, my position on Nick Clarke, former Conservative Leader of Cambridgeshire County Council, who defected to UKIP this week to much local media fanfare and UKIP crowing:

I joined County Council at the same time as Nick Clarke.  We were on our first Member-led review together.  I was part of his team when he campaigned to be Leader of the Council and a strong supporter throughout.  Later, I became a Member of his Cabinet and served under him as Leader.  He was one of the finest Leaders i’ve ever met.  He is capable, competent, very intelligent and a powerful personality capable of getting things done.

But Leaders don’t work alone.  Nobody can.  He was empowered by the support he had and by a strong team.

I am, consequently, extremely saddened by Nick’s departure.  I won’t try and pretend otherwise.  I hold him in high regard and great respect and I never imagined he would choose this road.  But sh*t happens and life goes on.

I don’t like Nick any less because he has joined UKIP, and I don’t like UKIP any more because Nick has joined them.  Frankly, I think that Nick Clarke is worth more than the entire rest of the Cambridgeshire UKIP team put together and I very much expect him to soar up their ranks as a rising purple star.

But I also think he will quickly find that the team he has joined is a very different sort of team.  That when the media fanfare and spotlights fade, he is surrounded by a different calibre of people.  And while he may well continue to shine brightly, it will be in a drab party landscape of peeling paint and angry faces.  Perhaps he will visit Wisbech and stand alongside Alan Lay and Paul Clapp and David Patrick?  I think that will be an eye-opener for him.

I genuinely wish Nick well in his ongoing career, on a  personal level.  I don’t wish UKIP well at all..  I bet that even if UKIP were to crash and burn in spectacular fashion, Nick Clarke would emerge just fine and prosperous from the ruins.

Last Full Council

Last Full Council

Last night was the last Full Council meeting of Wisbech Town Council.  These meetings are always quite sad because there’s a chance, after building up a good working relationship and making friends that some of your colleagues may not be there after the election.  There’s a chance you may not be there. Nevertheless, it was an enjoyable meeting which ran smoothly with some interesting moments.

The first interesting moment came at the start, in the section where “Members of the public” can ask questions.  A “Member of the public” came to ask a question, that individual being none other than UKIP County Councillor Alay Lay.  We rarely see them at Town Council and usually the section entitled “County Council Business” is devoid of information or their exciting presence.  But here they were and they had a question!  Almost simultaneously, an opposition Member popped up their  iThingy screen and appeared to begin videoing the proceedings.   The camera was pointing my way*.  Curious, huh?

So Alan Lay is called to ask his question and it is something about fundraising.  Except he fails to say what the subject of the questions is and now everybody is looking bemused.  The Chairman asks him to clarify what he is on about and he repeats the same thing, louder, punctuated by “COUNCILLOR TIERNEY SAID”, but still without explaining what he was referring to.  You could see the opposition looking a little agitated, almost as though they knew what the question was supposed to be from the “Member of the public”, and were frustrated by his inability to articulate it.  Not that I am suggesting this is the case at all, definitely not.  It couldn’t possibly be an “orchestrated” bit of political theatre, because they don’t do that.  Do they?

Anyway, eventually Cllr Mrs Bucknor clarifies that Alan Lay means the Christmas Lights, cue much amusement at the fact that she appeared to know precisely what he was going to say.  Again, this is pure supposition and could easily be complete coincidence, but I like to imagine cartoon versions of a male and female Councillor; where he is looking shame-faced and she is pointing her finger at him and saying: “You had ONE job, Sir.  ONE job!”  But I digress.

What unfolded was a piece of ham-fisted political theatre that I am sure anybody would have found embarrassing.  My advice to all such kind fellows is: if you are really going to contrive a political trap, try to do your homework.  Otherwise, your attempt to suggest whatever you are trying to suggest will backfire and you will simultaneously look a bit silly and also end up congratulating and endorsing your opponents.  Which is fine, if that’s what you intended.  Less so if you didn’t.

The County Councillors stayed a little longer and then left the building, conveniently just before the Agenda Item “County Council business.”  Apparently it’s okay for them to present as “Members of the Public” and ask questions of Town Council, but not to present as County Councillors at the appropriate time to return the favour.  We knew this already, of course, as we very rarely see them and almost never during their own agenda item.  Maybe questions are uncomfortable?

The meeting progressed smoothly until the section on Planning, which Cllr Bucknor used to raise the issue of the strange disappearing £260,000 Health Centre.  This is an issue that has been concerning several of us.  I have been looking into how it came about and why we appear to have lost a quarter of a million pounds of funding.  I know that the Planning Committee at WTC have also demanded answers on it, as have Cllr Tibbs and Cllr McLaren.  So we were pleased the issue was raised by Mrs Bucknor.  There was at least one person in the room who wasn’t pleased about it though.  One person who seemed to go white as a ghost and sink into their chair.

Luckily for this particular individual, my own research into this issue has led me to think it’s rather more complex than it appears.  Which is why I spoke up and pointed out that the Clinical Commissioning Group had refused to operate the Health Centre and that therefore it was not viable.  I still feel that the developers maybe should not have been let off such a large community contribution scott free, and am digging to find out how this came about and what we can do about it.  Mrs. Bucknor, Cllr Tibbs and others appear to agree that the issue looks a bit off, to put it mildly.  By this time the individual who had seconded the motion to let the developers avoid the payment was looking a little green around the gills, but I am sure this was nothing to do with the subject in question.  I have a feeling we won’t see this one raised via the Elworthy Hotline. ;)

And with that, it was over.  Next time Wisbech Town Council meets it will be with at least some different faces, maybe many.  Cllr. Wheeler, Griffin and Tanfield are not seeking re-election, which is a loss to the Council and the Town, but naturally we all wish them well for the future.  Fingers crossed that next time there is a meeting I am able to attend as a Councillor and that I am surrounded by a sea of sensible, hard-working, honest and genuine blue.  That would be a nice day.

Same Old Same Old

Same Old Same Old

Before any election our local Conservatives get together to discuss it, plan our campaign, think about the issues and how best to communicate and address them.  I commonly predict a number of things every single time which will happen.  The first is that any and every thing that crops up along the way, regardless of how innocent it may be, will be spun as though it were a conspiracy by the Usual Suspects.  The second is that the Wisbech Standard, particularly its editor, will help nudge those conspiracy theories along wherever possible.  The third is that as the last month progresses there will always, always, always be a front page in a local paper carefully designed to “appear” like election coverage, while simultaneously pushing the opposition.

I did smile at the “online poll” carried out by the Wisbech Standard.  No way to check the submissions for cheating, no recognition of the weighted nature of responders to such things, no verification of the locations of those filling it in, nothing more than the most basic test for duplicated submissions (anybody who knows a little about the internet can bypass their check easily.)  They said they: “Didn’t ask which party would be voted for to prevent individuals from cheating.”  So removing that question removes the temptation for some parties to cheat does it?  What nonsense.

This didn’t stop them draping the front page with “the results” as though it were somehow qualitative and quantitative data.  Nervetheless, let’s take it at face value and have a think about it.  Apparently 48% of people said: “The Government has had a negative impact on my life since 2010.”  The question is nebulous at best.  It doesn’t say an “overall negative impact” and so what people do or don’t think it negative becomes a very wide field indeed.  You could argue that PAYE is a “negative impact” in that without it you would have more money.  You could argue thousands of things were.

One of their “big bullet points” was “not to privatise the NHS.”  Which is odd, since no party is proposing privatising the NHS, except Nigel Farage, who said something about it which was quickly revised or retracted or something.  They are all accusing one another of damaging the NHS, because it’s a powerful “scaremonger” issue close to people’s hearts.  But unless you believe one party’s propaganda or anothers, what use is the question?

So “Stop cutting the Fire Service and the NHS,” was interesting.  The Fire Service can increase their budget via the Council Tax if they want to do so.  The NHS budget was protected the last four years.  This is precisely the problem with these broad brush questions, they get nowhere and offer very little in the way of detail.

So how about 95% of people saying: “I am registered to vote and will do so.”  Okay then.  Let’s see if we have a 95% turnout shall we?

Then there was “get the Rich to pay their taxes.”  Definitely no party bias there then! :)  Clearly there is this idea that the vague “the rich” must all be tax cheats.  Of course, there are tax cheats amongst the rich, just as there are tax cheats amongst all income groups.  There are, equally, a majority of perfectly honest tax-paying “rich.”  Though what precisely is meant by “the rich” is not specified.

I did enjoy “Make election pledges legally binding.”  I made a proposal just like this a few years ago and was roundly mocked by all and sundry.  How things change.

But my favourite is the one that John Elworthy and the Bucknors are making hay with on Twitter, in a way that doesn’t look at all orchestrated. :)  Apparently, forth percent of voters are going to vote “differently” to how they voted last time.  This is pronounced as though it is some death knell for something.  But it is meaningless.  We don’t know which way they are switching or to whom.  We don’t know that it’s not two way traffic which will balance itself out.  We particularly don’t know if any of this data is actually meaningful at all, given how easy it would be to fix it if somebody with the knowledge had a mind to do so.

We put out five thousand surveys across Wisbech last month.  We have had just over one thousand returned.  The returns are comprehensive and include many with details notes and points, from people of all sorts of political persuasions.  I reckon that’s probably more valuable than the Wisbech Standard’s vague, afterthought of a poll which become front page news.  But even though our survey includes quantitative and qualitative data, much of which is verifiable, it would be wrong to presume ours was “right” too.  Because the sort of people who will fill in a Survey  sent to them by the Conservatives are every bit as weighted as those who will fill in an online survey in a politically-active local newspaper.

The question: “Has a candidate knocked on your door asking for your vote yet?” was an odd one to ask, at the very start of the campaign period.  I was surprised the number was as high as seven percent.  You wouldn’t expect candidates to have reached everybody at that point.  In fact, as election periods go, this seems quiet at the moment.  We Conservatives are doing a full canvass as usual, but I have only encountered one other party so far and there were only two of them.  Normally we’d be running into them everywhere.  I guess this is because the Liberal Democrats have left the building, the Labour Party seem to be really struggling even to find candidates.  And UKIP?  I have no clue what they are doing.  Their choices are either utter utter madness, or some kind of genius I cannot comprehend.  Time will tell.

Candidates, everywhere!

Candidates, everywhere!

So the candidates are announced, and it’s a pretty strange state of affairs all told.

If I get time I’ll talk about the wider Fenland situation, but in this blog post I’m going to concentrate on our Wisbech scene.

There are only two District Council candidates to choose from in Peckover.  Nick Meekins, who used to be a Conservative but is now standing for UKIP.  And David Oliver, Leader of Wisbech Town Council, Cabinet Member at Fenland District Council.  Both men have previously been Mayor of Wisbech.  Nick Meekins and David Oliver used to be best friends, I believe.  I don’t know if that remains the case.  I think Nick Meekins is also Godfather to David Oliver’s daughter Jess, who is also standing in Peckover as a Town Councillor.  So Nick Meekins has switched parties and is standing against his best friend and God daughter?  It’s like a Shakespeare plot.  At Town level, it’s the same two candidates with Jessica Oliver in the mix also.  Which means that one of the two Oliver’s is certain to win a seat.  I very much hope it’s both of them.

The Bucknors are apparently suggesting that all the other parties has “stepped aside” because they are doing such a good job.  In fact, Labour simply couldn’t find candidates I hear, otherwise they’d be standing there.  UKIP though probably did step aside for the Bucknors.  Only they know, but they’ve been thick as thieves for ages now and the rumour they were going to stand aside in their strongest ward has been in the air for many months.  Turns out to be true.  So the only competition for the Bucknors at District level are the Conservative team.  Our guys are working hard and are great candidates, so i’m sure it’ll be a worthy battle.  The feeling on the ground, I am told, is like a clash of misery and gloom versus positivity and energy.  The Bucknors, being the incumbents, clearly feel they are going to walk it.  I reckon the people of Waterlees might be ready to let the sunshine in.  There are only so many times you can be told the world is going to end before you want to stretch your legs, take a walk outside, and say: “Hey, things aren’t so bad after all.”  We’ll see.

It’s another straight battle between Conservatives and UKIP.  Garry Tibbs takes on Dave Patrick.  Sure, it’s a little David and Taxi Goliath, but Garry’s a dab hand with a virtual sling.  It doesn’t always pay to bet on the Big Dog.  They may be able to puff themselves up and look big and scary, but they often turn out to be all sound and fury signifying nothing.  There is a broad feeling in Walsoken that they have been neglected versus other areas of the town.  They’ve also had Dave Patrick as their Councillor for quite a few years.  I think that people are able to put two and two together and work out the cost of that particular taxi meter.  At Town level Garry is joined by Rob McLaren for the Conservatives, while Taxi Dave is joined by somebody called Robert Castleman from outside the ward.  There’s a lone Green there too, who might do quite well by hoovering up any hard left votes that are looking for a cause.   Meanwhile, Dave Patrick is on Facebook attacking Rob & Garry for painting some garages.  Apparently, Councillors shouldn’t get their hands dirty doing menial things like, you know, helping clean up the neighbourhood.  They should just send emails to Roddens and log it in a website, no doubt.  What a novel idea.  We could call it “Slob Track.”  A list of jobs that haven’t been done, to look busy and active.  I suspect Garry and ROb will simply carry on getting their hands dirty.  I also expect people quite like it when Councillors stop talking and start doing stuff.  Who ya gonna call?

So Hill Ward, or Octavia Hill Ward in the modern vernacular, has got a slightly more nuanced battle than the previous two.  Dean Reeves and Kathy Dougall, pretty much the “big two” in Wisbech Labour, versus Sam Hoy & Simon King the sitting Conservatives, versus Andrew Hunt for UKIP.  You might remember Andrew.  He’s the guy who previously scored a tiny vote when he stood against Simon King as a Libertarian Party candidate a few years ago.  He was telling everybody at the time how he was going to win, and then he came last and that was that.  Gone.  Last year he returned as a ‘Kipper and stood against me at Medworth.  Once again, sure he was going to win, his team said to us at the Count: “If you’d like to join UKIP just sign here, you might as well because you’ll be begging to by the end of the night.”  And then they lost.  So Andrew is back fighting as the lone UKIP candidate in a two member ward, in a sort of rematch against Simon King.  You have to wonder why UKIP couldn’t field a full set of candidates here – they have a full set for Town Council.  Very strange.

Three way fight here.  David Hodgson as the sitting Councillor, defending against Labour’s Reg Mee and UKIP’s Caroline Smith.  Reg Mee is a nice man, but David Hodgson is popular and well-respected in Staithe.  I really don’t know anything about Caroline Smith at all.  Paper candidate?  No idea.  The Conservative town team is Will Schooling and Irina Kumalane, versus Reg Mee for Labour and Caroline Smith for UKIP.  It’s certainly an interesting match up.

Another three way battle in Clarkson between Conservative sitting Councillor and ex-Mayor Carol Cox, versus somebody called Adrian Booth for UKIP and the Labour stalwart Ann Purt.  Carol has been challenged before and seen off the opposition, mostly because people just tend to like her immediately when they meet her.  I wish her the very best of luck.

Medworth is my ward and it’s a really diverse battle.  I’m up against not one, but two Parliamentary candidates.  Which is a fun challenge.  I have somebody called Paul Edwards who lives in Waterlees.  Apparently, UKIP have not yet learned their lesson that Medworth folk tend to prefer Medworth Councillors.  Fair enough.  Then there’s Jo Reeves, who also doesn’t live in Medworth (but is much closer than Paul Edwards.)  And Mary Helen Scott-Daniels for the Green Party, who also happens to be their Parliamentary candidate.  I guess that tells you how likely she thinks she is to beat Steve Barclay. :)  I haven’t met her, unless she was the Green lady I spoke to on the Market Place a month or so ago?  If so, she seemed nice.  At Town level, most of the same people are up except that I am joined by my colleague Michael Hill, Mayor of Wisbech.  Paul Edwards is joined by Andrew Charalambous, who is also the Parliamentary Candidate for UKIP and the District Council candidate for Roman Bank.  I was surprised he didn’t put his name up for the County Council election taking place in Whittlesey.  In for a penny, huh?  but I suppose he couldn’t because UKIP already had a candidate for that County Battle in Whittlesey.  Paul Edwards, who is standing against me for District.  They get about, this handful of UKIP guys, huh?

However you spin it, this is a poor showing for UKIP.  Having boasted they would stand candidates in every seat for Town & District, they fail to do so in both cases in Wisbech.  Outside Wisbech they are so sparse that there are tumbleweeds between ‘Kipper candidates.  The self-styled “People’s Army” doesn’t seem to be very good at enthusing the people to get involved with it, does it?  Their big announcement today was that they “intend to take control of Wisbech Town Council.”  So they’ve given up on Parliament and District, clearly.   The first thing I heard when this ambition was relayed to me was: “isn’t that the ambition of every party?”  I mean, we have elections to try and win them, and we’d all like enough of us to win to take control of the various Councils.  That’s part and parcel of the whole point of it all.  Saying they want to take control of a Council is something of a non-statement, in my view.  I reckon the people of Wisbech will consider the idea of Alan Lay organising the Christmas Lights, Virginia Bucknor stewarding at the Rock Festival and a bunch of UKIP paper candidates in charge of protecting and maintaining the Town Council’s assets and run a mile.  But if, by some chance, UKIP were to succeed in their aim?  Well, it’d be tragic and funny (in an “I told you so” kind of way) in equal measures.

Then again, if its a poor showing for UKIP it’s positively horrible for Labour, who seem to have lost so much support here that they can barely find candidates for anything outside their usual small team.  But if its positively horrible for Labour, imaging being a Liberal Democrat?  They have no candidates at all, anywhere in Wisbech, at any level.  How the mighty have fallen.

Roll on May 7th.  Let’s see what the outcome is.