Daily Archives: July 5th, 2017

What a day!

What a day!

Orchards School held their annual Wisbech Reads day, celebrating books and reading and related subjects.

Theatre shows, Choirs, Storytellers and performances, Drama, Crafts, workshops and learning activities. Most of the school became a giant adventureland as Orchards welcomed coachloads of other schools from across the area.

From Wisbech St Mary to Elm, Leverington to Wisbech, Junior Schools filled the classrooms and the schools fields – where tents and pagodas were scattered wide, offering fun educational activities.

Quite literally thousands of children made their way through, all behaved fantastically, and laughing and smiling and dancing.

I was pleased to run a disco for the event to add some tunes to the festivities from 9AM to 3PM and those kids ran me ragged – rushing about energetically, performing dance routes, jumping and singing and laughing.

Orchards School really do pull out all the stops for this one and this is the second year where they have provided an interactive, buzzing, exciting and frankly amazing experience for so many of our children. The organisers must be congatulated and thanked, as should the teachers, TAs and volunteers who shepherd the kids safely to the event, around it, and back.

I have said this before, but it bears saying again – I am constantly pleased to see such excellent behaviour, such creativity and such joy at these events from the children of the area. Parents of the area don’t get enough credit, but these kids are great. Thousands of them, all buzzing with high energy, and not a single problem all day that I saw. It’s a miracle really.

Roll on next year!