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Wisbech Grammar School, Speech Day 2017

Wisbech Grammar School, Speech Day 2017

This morning I made my way to Wisbech Grammar School, for its annual Speech Day.

Speech Day is a celebration of the achievements of students at Wisbech Grammar School throughout the last year and is a chance for students to receive awards for their academic, sports and other successes.

In a hall packed full of guests and proud parents, the impressive achievements were acknowledged and rewarded – and an impressive lot they were!

Wisbech has a lot going for it and there is no doubt that the grammar school is one of our jewels. It was wonderful to see the excellence for which the school is known in all its glory.

Congratulations to all the students who merited awards today, and to the school, its staff and all of its pupils for shining bright every year here in Wisbech.

Sorry, not many photos as the ceremony didn’t allow photography. But I did manage to get a snap with some students after the event has concluded.