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The Brinks Festival, Colour Run, 2017

The Brinks Festival, Colour Run, 2017

The Colour Run is a part of the Brinks Festival.https://www.thebrinksfestival.org/ This morning I joined a huge group of other mad people to run 5K around Wisbech Park in the blazing sun while other people threw paint at us. I seemed to get a LOT of paint, which may have had something to do with the MC shouting: “There’s the Mayor, GET HIM” or words to that effect throughout the event. :) :)

It was enormous fun. The whole thing served as a reminder of how unfit I am :) Well done to everybody else though, I wish I could have kept up with you better! But I did get to the finish line, so that’ll do for now ;) ;)

Those superfit people from the running club looked like they’d taken a gentle stroll, while some of us gasped for air and gulped water down.

Enjoyed every minute of it.