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Remembrance 2017

Remembrance 2017

I was so proud today of the Town of Wisbech and its fine people.

Remembrance in Wisbech is a special ceremony. The folk of this Town know how much was sacrificed and there is always a large crowd gathered to pay proper respects to the fallen.

As the Mayor this year it was my privilege and honour to lay a wreath on behalf of Wisbech Town Council.

It was wonderful to see so many young people also, turned out as cadets or with their families. Several generations all united in their gratitude, thanks and respect for the people who gave their lives in order that we are able to live ours in safety and peace.

The service in the church of St Peter and St Paul was very nicely done and underlined the gravity of the day.

Finally, the Deputy Lord Lieutenant and I carried out a review of the military and cadet units presented in the Market Place. They were all exemplary.

As a biting cold wind swept through the Market Place, some of the very young cadets were clearly cold. They stood stalwart nonetheless and were unmoved. Their parents must be immensely proud of these fine young people.

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*Pictures courtesy and (c) Jamie Edwards and Brenda Barber

Armistice Day 2017

Armistice Day 2017

This morning I was at the Wisbech War Memorial with the RBL, Town Councillors and members of the public to pay our respects on Armistice Day.

I then joined some of my fellow Councillors and moved on to Nestle Purina for their own Armistice service.

Both were nicely-organised events in which we were able to show how we value the sacrifice of those who have fallen to allow us to lead the lives of safety and privilege that we do.