Daily Archives: May 5th, 2018

Working in the Scullery

Working in the Scullery

This morning we took a small team to the Castle to do some preliminary work that was necessary before the Garden Volunteers arrived this afternoon.

We did not invite the whole Working Party because we wanted to make sure that the site was ready for volunteers to be able to use it. Which meant clearing out the scullery, cleaning the loos, cleaning windows and skylights, clearing out lots of refuse, sweeping, dusting and cleaning.

We installed a fridge, kettle etc so that volunteers can get a tea /coffee while working. We replaced lots of bulbs that had blown. We angle ground off padlocks to which keys are long lost and replaced them with new padlocks for which we have secure keys.

It was a good few hours work, but we now have a whole area which is clean and ready, which has facilities for volunteers to use while they are working, which is a secure area to store tools and the like.

This afternoon the garden team are going in to make a start (thank you, everybody).

And as of next week we will begin the work for real, inviting all volunteers to help us bring the Castle back to life.


I popped by at 5PM to see how the gardens were coming on.


These brilliant volunteers in the Garden Team have made an awesome start! Already looking much much better.

Thank you so much, everybody.


Organising and sorting

After the gardening team’s hard work

The Scullery, cleared and cleaned.