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Wisbech Castle Project – 9th June

Wisbech Castle Project – 9th June

Another full day of volunteering at the Castle as a bunch of fine folks worked hard on various different jobs.

Starting at 7.45AM the work continued until 6PM and included painting lots of the white woodwork inside, jet-washing the basement courtard and steps, cleaning and jetwashing the wooden shed, moving lots of accumulated rubbish to the skip, general cleaning and maintenance.

Out in the gardens the lawn was fed, bushes and branches trimmed, paths cleared.

A dozen people beavered away at different times as the project continues to move on.

We had a visit from a team of archaeologists from Peterborough who were keen to look at the vault. They stayed for a tour of the house and expressed admiration for the place and the work being done.

Throughout the day tourists came to the gate and peered in (and we showed them around). It was great to see that all the tourists were gushing about how nice Wisbech is to visit and how excited they were to be able to have a peek at the Castle Project.

I’d like to express my thanks to the amazing volunteers who continue to work so hard so often. I would, however, like Dave Topgood to stop painting everything I am about to touch.