Daily Archives: January 7th, 2019

Starting 2019

Starting 2019

Well, 2019 started well.  I was away over Christmas and New Year with my Son and have returned to the usual post-holiday mountain of work.

I can’t say i’m particularly looking forward to the year as its an Election Year and those are always painful.  Opposition in Wisbech, such as it is, only seem to have one playbook and its an inevitably nasty one.  It’s started already with the fake-name letters to the newspaper and the use of pseudonyms and stooges to make unpleasant slurs on social media.  This stuff never really works for them, but since its the only thing they seem to know it’s no surprise its their technique of choice.  Roll on May to get the whole thing out of the way, whatever the outcome.

On the other hand, it also stands to be an exciting year.  Wisbech Castle gets its first full year to shine, now that most of the renovation and repairs are out of the way.  Capitalising on several very successful events the team hope the term “onwards and upwards” applies.  Town Council is my favourite Council at the moment and I’m excited by how much we are getting done and how well the team works together.

Elsewhere I have a few new business projects on the go and some ideas for later in the year.  I am quite excited about a proposal for a new political podcast which I am talking to some others about.  Maybe that will move forwards?

As a Councillor my intention is simply to continue doing what I always do; helping people, volunteering for projects which benefit the Town, putting out my monthly newsletter and organising my monthly surgery, doing the job I was elected to do to the best of my ability.

Happy new year!