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On Blogging in 2020

On Blogging in 2020

You’ve probably noticed I rarely blog now.  This is due to the fact that I’ve moved my communications with the times.

When I started blogging over a decade ago it was all the rage.  I won a bunch of national awards, and had huge readership (which I probably should have capitalised on, but never really did.)

Since then the blogging community has thinned out and blogs have become outmoded.  Consequently, I’ve shifted to YouTube Channel stuff and a podcast.

In order to communicate with local people I still put out a (near) monthly newsletter, hold (near) monthly Councillor surgeries and use Facebook extensively.  But to share opinions and ideas I switched over to the [unapologetic.] podcast with some friends.  The channel is really growing well and viewers / subs are expanding at a steady rate.  We’ve actually reached the size where we could consider monetising the channel, but we aren’t going to do that yet.

In regards to my personal business and hobbies I have two further YouTube channels with podcasts to cater to those.  All this takes time and scratches my itch for such things and so the need to explore ideas / vent in this blog is no longer there.

That said – there are times when this blog is the “right” outlet and so I will keep occasionally posting here.

In the same way that blogs and old social media was the beginning of the death of old media, podcasts and video is the death of blogs.  Not completely, people will always use many methods.  But I want to move with the times because if you don’t, the times leave you behind.

But I never say never.  So maybe I’ll get the urge to write a regular blog again sometimes?  We shall see.


Father Christmas Comes to Wisbech Castle

Father Christmas Comes to Wisbech Castle

Well, we thought it might be busy, but we had no idea quite HOW busy!

If the queue, which stretched out onto the road for much of the day, was anything to go by the people of Wisbech were rather excited by our Christmas adventure and grotto.

As is normal with Wisbech Castle events, we try to never do the “obvious” thing.  We throw in a curveball or two, to keep people guessing – and excited!

Our cast of characters included two Christmas elves, Mr Fluffy the Magic Bear, Ebeneezer Scrooge and of course the big beardy guy himself, Santa!

We made snow despite the mild weather and kept the kids and families laughing and smiling throughout.

The Castle Cafe did brisk business, offering refreshments from delicious cake to spicy Chilli n’ Cheese.

We did everything at very fair prices, aware that not everybody has a lot of extra cash at this time of year and wanting all families to be able to enjoy a lovely time.

Well done volunteers.  Everybody seemed very happy.  Roll on 2020 as we move the Wisbech Castle Project onwards and upwards.

Rock Choir at TCA

Police & Crime Panel – Press Release


Members of the Cambridgeshire Police and Crime Panel have voted to appoint Councillor Ray Bisby to the role of acting Police and Crime Commissioner.

An extraordinary meeting of the panel took place today (Wednesday 27 November 2019) at Peterborough Town Hall, to appoint an acting Police and Crime Commissioner. It followed the resignation of Jason Ablewhite as Police and Crime Commissioner on Monday 11 November 2019.

The Police Reform and Social Responsibility Act 2011 requires Police and Crime Panels to appoint an acting commissioner when there is a vacancy that will not be filled by an election.

Edward Leigh, the independent co-opted Chairman of the Cambridgeshire Police and Crime Panel, said: “We wish Councillor Bisby well in this new role and look forward to working with him over the next five months.

“We will support Councillor Bisby in stepping up to this role and leading the Office of the Police and Crime Commissioner until an election is held in May 2020. The role of the Police and Crime Panel is to constructively challenge and scrutinise the Police and Crime Commissioner and we will continue to do this going forward.”

Castle Of Nightmares – Aftermath

Castle Of Nightmares – Aftermath

I was very pleased with the second Halloween event at Wisbech Castle.  Completely sold out, nothing but positive reviews, everybody seemed to have a really great time.

Roll on next year.

(all photos (c) Ben Prest.)


Happy Halloween!

Castle Of Nightmares – begins tomorrow!

Castle Of Nightmares – begins tomorrow!

Our second year of Halloween at Wisbech Castle features the Castle of Nightmares show.

The event has now completely and utterly sold out.  There is not a single space left available.

This year we have doubled down on the event.  It was a hit last year with rave reviews and we were aware of the need to do even better this time.

Volunteers have been beavering away for the last 4 or 5 weeks and over this last weekend that has become near feverish activity.

When I designed this year’s plot and scripted it out I set a lot of tasks for the engineers and builders upon whom I rely.  Personally, I can barely put a plug on :)

The volunteers have not let me down.  They have completed every task I set them.

Last night all the actors were in for our rehearsal and I feel confident we have a really scary show ready.

The event is on Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday – with a family day on Saturday for the whole community.

This year, like last year we have sold out.  But thanks to better time slot management we have sold more tickets than last year.

Let’s hope everybody has a really spooky great time.



*This blog post written in a personal capacity only, as per my disclaimer.

The Conduct Complaint that was thrown at me by the usual suspect/s has been thrown out.

No case to answer.  No further action.

From Brexit to Area 51, Don’t Pass Go (podcast/webcast)

From Brexit to Area 51, Don’t Pass Go (podcast/webcast)

Some Are Not GENTLEMEN At all… (podcast/webcast)

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