Baigent Is Back

Baigent Is Back

So the Labour PCC Candidate popped into Wisbech this week and seems to think he did us all a favour by gracing us with his presence.

Sometimes I quite like the Labour candidates, but this guy just annoys me.  He doesn’t even make an attempt to answer any real questions.  His campaign seems to revolve around ridiculous unsubstantiated promises and not even a clue how any of them might happen.

So when he popped up on the Wisbech Discussion Forum on Facebook I took the opportunity to ask him some questions based on the claims on his website.

I said:

I love the way you seem to think that visiting Wisbech *twice* will somehow endear you to the people here. That you travelled up from leafy Cambridge to treat us to your presence on two occasions! smile emoticon How lucky are we? You say you are going to “tackle” violent alcohol-fuelled crime. HOW? Using what measures and with what money and resources?

You say you are going to stop “drug dealers coming from London and Manchester.” Are you talking about Fenland, or is this a Cambridge-centric thing. Whichever, HOW will you stop them? Using what measures and with what money and resources?

You seem to suggest you are going to “campaign against cuts.” But surely you realise that you can stop cuts immediately, by increasing the Police portion of the Council Tax. If you think the public support this additional spend, which you have the power to immediately rectify, how much do you intend to raise Council Tax by, and will you be holding a referendum to raise a lot of additional money? Or do you prefer to just blame the Government and avoid personality responsibility for the decision?

You will “raise the profile of community policing to levels that have never been imagined?” And you will do it “in an entirely different way?” How? What different way? And with what money and resources?

Talk is cheap. Promises are cheap. Let’s have some detail.

It took him a while to come up with a response, so I was thinking: “Wow, this is going to be great.  Perhaps we’ll get some real meat on those colourful bones?”  And when his response finally appeared what were the answers to the questions I posed?

Thank you for your response.

Yep.  That’s it.  Good, huh?  But it wasn’t over yet.  Chatting to a few friends on messenger about it and I said: “Wait and see.  Within the hour he’ll have Sue Marshall up to defend him.”  And sure enough, exactly as predicted, there she was.  All the classics were tried; insinuations, accusations, name-calling.  Anything to divert from the fact that the Labour PCC Candidate didn’t want to answer questions.

But why is he so scared to answer them?  Could it be that he doesn’t have any answers?  All he really has are a few claims, mostly the same ones other candidates are making – but more vague and directionless?

There are good people in Labour.  Plenty of them could have answered me in a reasonable way and dealt with my questions.  Even Sue Marshall herself would have been a much better candidate that this fellow, in my opinion.  His entire appeal seems to be “look at my C.V., I was a firefighter.”  And now he wants local hustings?  They’ll eat him alive.  If he gets the hustings he wants, he’ll need to have been a firefighter to put out the flames of his campaign.

This is a guy who is campaigning for a £70,000 a year job that he doesn’t even seem to believe in.  Who seems to think that being an “anti-austerity” campaigner will make more Police money appear by magic.  And who seems to simply refuse to answer anything, metaphorically ducking behind his lady bodyguards at the first chance of a real question.

Very poor indeed.