Just after noon Cllr Samantha Hoy and I attended the first session of the new Bedazzle performing arts group in the Queen Mary Centre and I was pleased to cut the ribbon to announce the team are open and ready to go!

The classes are part of a wider movement that began in Essex and has spread wider as its success has grown. They are aimed at young adults with learning disabilities or additional needs aged 16+ and feature a variety of theatre arts skills including dancing, singing, acting, recording and the potential for group exam work.

We arrived after they had already spent a couple of hours working on a dance routine and I just couldn’t believe how much they had learned in such a short space of time. Very impressed!

What a nice group they are too, from the students to the dance team and organisers, everybody just seemed to be having a world of fun. It sort of reminded me of the old “Fame” show on TV, but I’m probably showing my age there.

Well worth a look if you think you know somebody who might be interested?