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Swing Wing 2018

Swing Wing 2018

Saturday night saw me having a wonderful time at the Swing Wing event – Thomas Clarkson Academy.

Celebrating 100 years of the R.A.F., this was an emotional and powerful musical tribute to their heroism, courage and honour.

I was welcoming people at the door, and then serving teas, coffees and soft drinks during the interval with the other volunteers. It was a lot of fun.

Credit must go to Jan Hutchinson? and Ray Hutchinson for organising the event and to all the volunteers who helped deliver it. And also to the Swing Wing band, who were amazing.



Tonight, my Wife and I joined the 272 Wisbech Squadron Air Training Corps for Dining In night at the Rose & Crown Hotel.

The Hotel treated us all like kings, offering expert service and wonderful fare.

It was a pleasure to join the 272 Wisbech Squadron. These cadets and their adult Officers and civiliant organisers are always incredibly professional and smart, but on evenings like this they get to let their hair down just a little and its a joy to see them having such fun.

It was great to hear all the things they’ve done and achieved during the year and some of their exciting plans for 2018. It is exciting times for them and their ranks are growing fast as they have had a significant intake of new young people joining them.

I am proud to have been asked to be the Chairman of the Civilian Committee, an honour which I have accepted.

My Wife and I had a very enjoyable evening with great food, and even better company and I am really looking forward to working with them all in the future.