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A Clean Managed Brexit

A Clean Managed Brexit
paper by Steve Baker, MP.

Well worth a read.


Well, That Was Dramatic

Well, That Was Dramatic

… but really no surprise.  We all pretty much knew that Brexit Party were going to clean up on a Leave message and Lib Dems were going to clean up on a Remain message.

I am sad that so many Conservatives lost, but not that sad, because they lost an election for a job that wasn’t mean to exist.  And the people who won, won a job that is unlikely to exist for very long.  (But probably long enough for some funny moments to play out in Brussels.)

Thank goodness, Theresa May has gone.  You would think that we would now choose a strong Brexiteer as Leader.  You would think that the soft wet left edge of the party might shush for a bit and stop with the blathering that has led us to this impasse.  You would think that a powerful Leader who is not afraid of WTO Brexit if the EU won’t budge would take us out in October and be done with the whole sorry charade.

But too many of the Parliamentary Conservative Party have shown themselves to be very slow to pick up on Brexit clues, oblivious to what their members and supporters want, and willing to let that self-same soft wet Left of the party run the show too often.

Make no mistake – picking another Remainer, or some EU apologist who is terrified of No Deal, will lead to disaster.  We are pretty much out of time and face an existential threat to the future of one of the oldest political parties in the world.  We appear to have woken up at last – stay strong now, please.   Every step must now be the right one.

Pleased to see Dan Hannan MEP won, at least.  Hope to see him in Parliament in the future.



What I Don’t Get

What I Don’t Get

I’ve been puzzling over something that I can’t quite get my head around.  It has been clear since last year that Theresa May was – and I put this as diplomatically as I can – not working out as Leader of the Conservative Party.  But the full gravity of it had perhaps not dawned on all Conservative MPs when the vote of no confidence took place last year.

What I don’t get is why – as the situation has got worse and worse and worse – nobody seems able to do anything about it.

Yes, I understand we have a constitutional crisis.  I get that the country is split and the Remainers will do anything and everything to prevent us leaving.  I get that the Leavers are split on the right way forwards.  I get that the media are just impossibly biased on the whole thing and are broadly for Remain also.  I even get that there are some (too many) Conservative MPs who seem willing to join the Lefties in frustrating Brexit.  They should all have the whip withdrawn, in my view.

But that’s not what I’m asking.

I understand why the Parliamentary system is in a mess and I can see that maneuvers are being used to frustrate and prevent any sort of true Brexit.  I know that the Prime Minister doesn’t have the power to brute force a Leave through, even if she wanted to.   I know that Labour, the Lib Dems, the SNP etc etc are all trying to prevent Brexit and all for their own nuanced reasons.  Labour really just want a General Election to install Corbyn as the horror PM for a new generation.

But what I don’t get is this:

Theresa May must now be up there with the most unpopular Prime Ministers in modern times.  I mean, I remember how much the country grew to dislike Gordon Brown, and I’m not sure he was as disliked as Theresa May is now.  She has systematically proven to be all the things some of us predicted but most of all she is quite clearly something that should never ever have happened – a Remainer in Charge of Leaving the European Union.  It was always bonkers to have somebody at the head of such a huge change who didn’t want or believe in that change.  So given that we missed the legal date to leave, missed the extension, brought loss to hundreds and hundreds of excellent Councillors who had no fault in their own election result, and are now about to have a set of European Elections we were NEVER MEANT TO HAVE, consider this…

Theresa May’s leadership is systematically tearing the heart out of the Conservative party.  It’s destroying one of the oldest political parties in the world.  It is smashing the faith that our voters had in us.  It is consistently shedding us of our lifeblood, the Councillors and activists and supporters and grass roots that are everything to us.

It’s a joke, right?  We are polling 22% in national polls.  Not Euro polls.  22 percent would be a good score for us right now in Euro polls.  In NATIONAL polls.


Whatever the levers and wheels of power are in Westminster Conservative circles, start them turning.  Get off your benches and our of your aisles and DO SOMETHING.  This fundamental breakdown of the Conservative Party is being delivered to us by our abject failure to deliver Brexit AS A PARTY and as a Parliament, and by desperately poor leadership from Theresa May.  The opposition parties are laughing at it all.  I don’t have anything against the Prime Minister, I’m sure she is a lovely lady and I’m sure she means well.  But if ever there was a time for her to be leading our party, this is not it.  For the love of God, Powers That Be, stop this madness before our party is destroyed forever.

The country expects a Conservative Party to deliver on its election and manifesto promises and the largest vote this country has ever taken.  Give us a new leader who will be like a piece of iron, who will deliver us a clear, complete and full Brexit in short order and say to those who would stand against it: “This is the will of the people and it will happen.  Now.”

Go Now.

Go Now.

It is often said amongst Conservative circles that “blue on blue” is a fight we should never have.

I don’t agree with that, but I do try and always make sure my criticisms are logical and valid.

I would just like to make a plea to Prime Minister Theresa May.

Yes, I know, she doesn’t read my little blog and never will.  But sometimes it takes many small voices to get one big voice to listen.

Mrs May.  Please make way for a new Leader.

I am sure you have done your best.  I am sure you believed in what you were doing.  I am sure you meant well.

But you led us into a disastrous early election, you ran the worst campaign many of us have ever seen.

And now you are reneging on our commitment to a proper Brexit.

Inside the Westminster bubble it must seem as though things are going okay.

Things are not going okay.

Your present path leads the Conservative Party to disaster and the country into dark waters.

We voted for Brexit.  You said you would deliver it.  This sham you are trying to push through is not real Brexit.

Please.  Go now.  Make way for a Leader who has the ability, courage and desire to deliver on the democratic will of the British people.

It is nearly too late, but not quite.  Yet.  Do the right thing for Party and Country.  Please.

You may think it will be messy, and you are right.  But not nearly as messy and damaging as if you hold on.


I’ll Just Leave This Here

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Cut the EU red tape

This article can be found in full here at the Daily Telegraph.

Cut the EU red tape choking Britain after Brexit to set the country free from the shackles of Brussels

Britain must sweep aside thousands of needless EU regulations after Brexit to free the country from the shackles of Brussels, a coalition of senior MPs and business leaders have demanded.

On Wednesday, Theresa May will start the formal process of leaving the EU when she invokes Article 50, giving her a “once in a lifetime opportunity” to rejuvenate the UK economy.

Today, the Telegraph calls on the Conservative Party to promise a bonfire of EU red tape in its 2020 manifesto to put Britain on a radically different course.

The proposal has the backing of the former Conservative leader Iain Duncan Smith, who believes the Tories should promise at the next election to “whittle away” unnecessary rules, reducing the “burden” on businesses and citizens.

He said: “Let us leave and then the Conservative Party at the next election needs to say, ‘we can reduce the cost on business and on individuals by reducing regulations which will improve our competitiveness, our productivity and therefore ultimately our economy.'”

According to a House of Commons report, ministers will have to import 19,000 EU rules and regulations on to our statute books as part of the Great Repeal Bill, which will take shape in a white paper published on Thursday.

EU regulations are estimated to cost Britain a total of more than £120?billion per year. The Common Agricultural Policy alone reportedly costs £10?billion in direct costs and by inflating food prices.

After Brexit occurs in 2019, the merits of each regulation will be assessed before a decision is made on whether to jettison it or not.

Lord Lawson, the former Chancellor, said the Conservatives must then swiftly seize the chance to “transform the British economy” by cutting “massive” numbers of EU regulations.

How Clear Does It Need To Be?

How Clear Does It Need To Be?

I don’t know about you, dear reader, but I am bored with people saying “The British Public didn’t vote to leave the Single Market” and variations on that theme.  It’s a crock.  So I was pleased when Guido Fawkes released this video confirming that there really wasn’t any doubt:


And what about the people who keep trying to claim that Government needs to ask Parliament for permission because it was never clear that the result would actually be implemented?

Here’s the actual paperwork that the Government sent out to everybody:


I mean come on!  How clear do you want it?  Stop whining, move on, remainiacs.  You lost. ;)


Why We Need Leadsom

Why We Need Leadsom

If you think that the EU Referendum result was the end of the matter, you are wrong.

This argument is far from over.  The REMAINers, as a group rather than individually, still do not accept the result and still fight to turn it around.  This is true both of those undemocratic people who would seek to get another referendum because they did not like the result of the first one, and of those even worse people who are trying to encourage MPs to stitch up the result by various Parliamentary tricks and shenanigans.

For the next decade these people will seek to make everything about that vote.  Well – everything that goes wrong.  Things that go right will be quietly forgotten about.

The vote to Leave the EU was about who makes the decisions in regards to our nation.  Nothing more.  It is entirely possible that a future Government could decide to do everything the EU says forevermore and so there would be no change – but that would be poor decisions on that Government’s part, not a result of the referendum.  Every horror story you might hear could certainly happen, but would be the result of future decisions by our Government rather than a direct result of the referendum.  All the referendum did was signal our desire for our own elected Parliament to make these calls instead of the unelected heads of a power-hungry international superstate.

The most direct danger to BREXit is Theresa May.

Theresa May was for Remain.  Worse than that she is an authoritarian autocrat.  The future decisions about things like what happens to foreign people living here, or our own ex-pats living elsewhere, trading terms, tariffs, international law – these things will be thrashed out by a negotiating team put in place by the new Prime Minister.  An authoritarian Remainer is likely to pack that team with her fellow travellers, her ideological friends.  Having a team of negotiators who are broadly of the Remain side, establishment figures who didn’t want to leave in the first place, would be disastrous.

Andrea Leadsom, as well as being level-headed, clear thinking and financially very astute has one very major bonus.  She was a LEAVEr and has made clear her intention to push hard for a quick resolution.  She is likely to fill her negotiating team not with “yes men” and vested interests, but with people who will genuinely seek the best outcome in keeping with the result of the referendum.  People with the ability to deliver.

A vote for May is, in my opinion, a very bad idea in many, many respects.  I think she would be a dangerous and divisive figure leading the country.  But also it’s a vote to scupper BREXit at this early stage.  Which would lead to the most dire of consequences for the Conservative party and for the nation as a whole.

Independence Day

independence day

My Last Word On The EU Referendum

My Last Word On The EU Referendum

I’m done. I will write nothing more on this subject after this piece.  The debate has been awful – but it was always going to be.  Because it is not a debate about facts, there are no true “facts” unless you have a crystal ball.  The underlying argument is political and philosophical.  Nobody wants to admit this and so they just keep scaremongering and slinging mud at one another.

So this is my take on it, for anybody who cares.  And if nobody cares, I don’t really care that they don’t care.

I will be voting LEAVE tomorrow.

It is not for reasons of economics, really.  My view is that Britain will be better off out, though I definitely accept there will be some choppy waters to be navigated initially.  Such is always the way with adventurous journeys.  But I equally think we would do okay if we stayed in – we are an industrious and hard-working nation.  We will always be okay.

It is not for reasons of immigration.  I think the people who have come to live in the UK are broadly and generally a benefit to us and I welcome them.  I very much hope any post-Brexit negotiations will involve as many staying as want to, in return for our own ex-pats being able to do the same elsewhere.

And I really don’t give a monkey’s what Barack Obama, Tony Blair, David Cameron, John Major or the Governor of the Bank of England has to say.  They are no more soothsayers than my next door neighbour or the guy in the pub with the England flag.  Nor do I care what any rich business owner or unelected head of some institution thinks.  They are entitled to their view, bought and paid for though it may sometimes be.  But in this we are all equal.  Nobody knows.

I am voting LEAVE because I believe in the supremacy of our elected national Parliament.  I am voting LEAVE because I believe that our country has fared well and flourished over centuries of national self-determination.

I am voting LEAVE because, as a Conservative and a free-marketeer I believe in small Government, encouraging FREE trade with the whole wider world and democracy delivered through the electoral decisions of the people.  Who then have the power to boot all those elected people out, if they don’t like what they do.

I am voting LEAVE because I believe in our country.  I am not frightened that we can’t “pull our weight” in the world.  I am not frightened that we will be “alone and friendless” in a scary planet.  I do not think we “punch above our weight,” I think that as members of the EU we punch way below our weight.  This has always been an incredible country and all the things that made it so are still there, just smothered in layer upon layer of bureaucracy, regulation and fear.  It’s not all the EU’s fault, but the EU is a symbol of what is wrong.  It represents an inward-looking, nervous disposition which is a recent development amongst some people in our country and one that I don’t want any part of.

But most of all I am voting LEAVE because it just feels right to me.  I don’t claim that there will not be consequences.  Of course there will be consequences.  You cannot untangle an immense international bureaucracy and political project that goes back decades without there being consequences.  But there will also be consequences if we choose to stay.

Nobody knows the future.  I choose to vote LEAVE because in my view we do not need, or benefit from, our membership of the European Union.  I love Europe and I love our neighbouring nations in Europe.  I wish them all nothing but the best.  But leaving a political project does not stop us working with them, helping them or trading with them.  Quite the reverse, I suspect, in the longer term.

I think we will probably vote to Remain, because fear is a powerful thing.  But I hope not.  I hope we have the courage to kick open the cage and spread our wings.  We won’t be alone.  We will be together.  There are millions of us; English, Scottish, Irish and friends from other places who have made this country their own.  We are brothers and sisters and cousins and neighbours and friends on these islands, united under the red, white and blue of the Union Flag.  I can’t think of better company to keep, as we fly towards the horizon – and the future.


“Expose yourself to your deepest fear; after that, fear has no power, and the fear of freedom shrinks and vanishes. You are free.”
– Jim Morrison