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What A Weekend

What A Weekend

That’s quite a weekend I’ve just had.  Spent Saturday at Wisbech Castle running the Cafe and it was a busy one.  Then I had to rush home and pack the car with disco equipment as I provided the free disco for the FACET charity fundraising party in March.

Despite the late night working I was up early to help set up Armed Forces Day in Wisbech Market Place and then manning the Air Cadets stall with cadets and other volunteers.

In the afternoon I had the great pleasure to attend the Nine Lives Live show at Wisbech Institute.   It was an incredible, exceptionally, inspirational show.  These guys just get better and better.  I have always enjoyed their shows before, but this time my Son was part of the show with two solo songs and lots of other acting and singing parts and even some tap dancing.  My Wife and I were very proud parents.

Unfortunately, the day ended a little sadly as the Castle CCTV and a local witness saw kids trespassing into the Castle grounds.  They did some minor mischief but nothing major.  We have very clear pictures of them and know exactly who they are.  We will be alerting the Police.

The week ahead is pretty crazy.  Now that I’m a Cabinet Member at FDC its pretty “full on” with meetings almost every day this week alongside my normal jobs.  I’m enjoying it though.  I’ve long felt that Communications (a part of my new portfolio) needed a shake up and that’s precisely what I am trying to do.  Officers have been very helpful so far and I think a lot can be achieved.

The Next Generation…

The Next Generation…

of Tierneys and Barbers.  #proud

Joe At The Rock Festival

Joe At The Rock Festival

I told my Son on Friday that now he is thirteen it is time to give something back to the community and that he should come help with Rock Festival for the day.

I expected him to find reasons not to do it, but was very pleased that he immediately agreed.

So it was that he rose at the crack of dawn on a Sunday during school Summer Holidays and came out for fifteen hours of hard work.

He was helping set up at the outset, spent the day picking litter and stewarding and pitching in 100% and was still there in the darkness, when the crowds had all gone home, alongside the other volunteers packing down gazebos and lifting metal railings into stacks.

He didn’t complain once, just worked alongside everybody until the very end.

When you add in my Mum and Stepdad, there were three generations of our family working at the event. I am extremely proud of my Son for joining the crazy family tradition of volunteering. Well done, Joe.

This lady is my Mum

This lady is my Mum.

She is bloomin’ brilliant.

School Of Rock

School Of Rock

Students and teachers of Thomas Clarkson Academy ….

you ROCKED it tonight.

The School of Rock show was just stunning. The energy, the talent, the enthusiasm, the music, the acting, the whole show was just brilliant from beginning to end.

I wish there was another night of the show so I could go and see it again.

Thank you all. It was awesome.

**Particularly proud of my Son.  Who joined the cast as “Billy” five days before the show and had to learn the entire thing in less than a week.  Well done Joe.  We were super proud.

The Nightmayor’s Big Bash

The Nightmayor’s Big Bash

The night I became Mayor of Wisbech I held an invite-only private party for friends, colleagues and family.  With a free bar and lots of food and a live band, we partied the night away and it was a wonderful end to a truly brilliant day.  Actually, one of the best days of my life.

But the event was also a fundraiser.  Guests were asked to make anonymous donations or named pledges.  I am proud to say we raised £4,400 on my first fundraiser, which is an excellent start for the Mayor’s Charity Fund this year.

Next morning some of us met for breakfast.  I was a little the worst for wear.  I was not the only one. :)

From Town To Village

From Town To Village

Last night I was at the Wisbech Town Council Full Council meeting.  We had Jason Ablewight PCC in to give a presentation and he was well-received by everybody.  I was impressed by the frank way he answered questions, without attempting and deflection.

I was in Hertfordshire today on business, but rushed back to make it for the Leverington Village Hall AGM.  I’ve been on this since nearly back to my old County Council days there and its been a pleasure to be a part of the team that is steadily improving the facilities in the village.

I have a rare day off tomorrow, which I’m going to spend with my Son who is on his half-term holidays.  Then, back to the grindstone… :)

Out And About

Out And About

I’m sorry, dear reader, for my paucity of blog posts in the last ten days.  We’ve had the Wisbech Conservatives Summer Ball, my company’s big annual event the Madhouse Minicon and Rock Festival is this weekend.  On top of that I’ve had Speedwatch, Citizens Patrol, getting my latest Councillor Newsletter printed and delivered and all the normal workload things.

So I just haven’t had much time.

I’m at The Spinney tomorrow as their volunteer DJ for the Fun Day there.  This weekend I’m helping the Rock Festival from 6.30AM through till late in the evening.  On Friday I have Council meetings and then in the evening the Wisbech Medworth fundraising “Sausage and Cider” night.  There’s a stack still to get done and it’s all got to be complete before the end of next week when I’ll be flying off to Morocco for our holiday.  (We have 24-hour housesitters and dogs, and there’s nothing worth nicking anyway, so burglars beware.)  :)

It’s been a very busy year and I am looking forward to the opportunity to unwind for a while with my family.



Goodbye My Friend

Goodbye My Friend

My eldest Jack Russell, Toblerone or “Toby”, was put to sleep tonight.  He was Eighteen years old.  I have had him since he was small enough to fit in the palm of my hand.  He has been a truly special canine companion for so very long.

I remember when we took him to the beach and he saw some divers and tried to follow them underwater.  He just jumped in fearlessly and tried to swim down.  What dog does that?

I remember him playing tug with socks every time I was foolish to leave one on the floor.

I remember when he used to play football, really rather well.  He could be counted on to run into a game and steal the ball from the players, which nobody ever seemed to mind because it was so charming.

On at least two occasions Toby should have died.  Everybody thought he would die, but he was as tough as old boots (and simultaneously as soft as cotton wool) and he survived and bounced back every time.  Miraculously.

But Eighteen years took its toll on my fluffy friend.  He was going blind, he was mostly deaf, he couldn’t walk very far and he spent most of his time eating and sleeping.  His heart was no longer physically strong, though you’d never know it.  He aged well and was still his normal self until Christmas, but its been a slow decline since then.  We knew the score.

Tonight he took that turn for the worst that we knew was coming.  At Midnight we took him to the emergency vet, who confirmed there was no coming back this time.  We took the decision to let him go to sleep.  Even then, it took three tries with the needle before he was at rest.  Like a Jack Russell version of John McClane, that dog.

For Eighteen years Toby has been barking at the door when I went out, and waiting for me when I get home.  He wasn’t just a dog, he was my dog and I will miss him.

Goodbye My Friend.

Old Toby Face

The Weekend Just Gone

The Weekend Just Gone

On Friday night my wife and I were proud to represent Wisbech at the Civic Reception in Thetford as Deputy Mayor and Deputy Mayoress.  The Mayor was a fine host, the event well-organised and enjoyable.


Saturday was busy also as I had several constituents to visit in regards to issues I am helping them with.  Then in the evening my Son, Joe Tierney, swam for Wisbech in the Junior Fenland League Gala, taking second place in the Individual Medley and third place in the Breaststoke Under 13s.  Given that he is eleven, that was an excellent result, and both races were really, really close!  That wasn’t the end of the evening though, since I was out with Citizens’ Patrol on Saturday night (as mentioned in my previous blog post.)

On Sunday I was at the christening of one-year-old Maximillian Balsevics, the young Son of my friend Cllr Aigars Balsevics and his partner Veronica.  I have not been to a Christening in a Catholic church before and found it fascinating.  The afternoon was taken up by a fundraising garden party organised by Leverington & Gorefield Conservative Branch which was very well-attended and a lot of fun.  A few of us camped on a table with punch and salmon and played board games :)  I rejoined the Christening celebrations on Sunday evening and had quite a few vodka shots during the course of the festivities.  Consequently, this morning, I am more sluggish than usual. ;)

2  13442633_1183989038307322_1951023061048991607_o

This coming week is absolutely manic.  It is wall-to-wall commitments, meetings, functions and work.  I don’t think there is even an hour to spare.  From Monday night through until the end of the week I am absolutely rammed.  Never mind, though, it’s all good!