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Coffee Tree Experience

Coffee Tree Experience

This morning I visited The Coffee Tree Experience in Guyhirn, where I was pleased to launch their new charity appeal. They will be raising money for the Sea Cadets. They are also raising funds for “The Mayor’s Defribrillator Fund” which is one of my Mayoral Charities, which is great.

Also – excellent cup of coffee. Highly recommended.

All rude captions for the photo have already been suggested… :)

FDC May 2011 Election Campaign – Guyhirn

FDC May 2011 Election Campaign – Guyhirn

I’ve just returned from a long day’s campaigning in Guyhirn.  It was a beautiful Saturday for it.  The sun was out, but it wasn’t so hot as to be uncomfortable.  The effort of walking for miles and miles was pleasantly diluted by the refreshing Spring breeze that swirled along the banks of the river Nene and into the village.

As ever on such delightful days people were out and about.  Walking their dogs, jogging, running the mower over the front lawn to get it back into shape now winter is receding into memory.  Against this sprightly backdrop my colleague and co-candidate Robert Scrimshaw and I took our team of eight volunteers (family, friends and supporters) out in an effort to knock on every door in Guyhirn in a single day.  (A task, I’m proud to say, that we completed successfully.) 

You never know, when you start a new campaign, what sort of reception you are going to get.  Well, we were very pleased by the friendly welcome the people of Guyhirn gave us.  There were plenty of issues they wanted to talk about – and for me this opportunity to get first-hand input into the issues that concern people is more important than the campaign work itself!  Most of these things I was already aware of and working on, but you get a different (and useful) slant when you knock on so many doors and hear so many points of view.  One thing I have found to be true throughout all the Fenland villages I’ve visited is that there is a grass roots common sense which pervades the area.  Guyhirn folk have this in spades and I very much enjoyed the many doorstep conversations I had. 

I will relay one particular conversation which I particularly liked.  It was with a gentleman who told me he had moved to the Fens from the North and that his family was: “An old mining family.”  He explained that, as I might expect, his family had always voted Labour.  Then he said that after moving South he had begun to see things a little differently.  After some soul-searching he had decided he could not vote Labour any more and, as a compromise, he had decided to give the Liberal Democrats a try.  He couldn’t vote Conservative because he had been taught that this was not an option in his family.  So he voted yellow last time.  Then he said: “I’m not doing that again!”  Which made me laugh.  “So,” he said, “I’m considering, just considering mind, that I might vote Conservative this time.  It’s a real break from my family’s voting history, but I’m giving it serious thought.”  It’s pretty rare that you get a tribal voter who decides to convert.  Hearing that somebody has come around to conservatism through life experience is something I always enjoy.

We had a delicious lunch in the Oliver Twist Country Inn (highly-recommended) and then headed out to visit the more remote roads and farms.  It is my belief that any councillor should make an effort to get to every door in an election campaign – though its surprising how often I am told: “We never see anyone from the other parties!” when you get off the few obvious main routes.  I think my opponents are making a mistake if they choose to ignore whole sections of the electorate in this way.

Mind you – perhaps they are just trying to avoid grief?  Because as far as I can see there’s not much love for Labour, who person after person criticised for the disastrous state in which they left the the national finances.  But there are always a few socialists in every area and Labour will benefit from the dwindling enthusiasm for the Liberal Democrats, whose comments at county level about how: “People don’t mind tax rises” and whose desire to enact painful increases to council tax over the next few years make most normal folk wonder what planet they are living on.  In fact, what pockets of Labour support we encountered were conversions from the Liberal Democrats.  That, I suspect, is going to sting.

All in all, a positive and encouraging day to start the campaign.  I’m looking forwards to the rest!

Vote Conservative on May 5th.

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Half Of The Merry Band!

Parson Drove & Wisbech St. Mary Ward
Fenland District Council
May 5th
Vote Scrimshaw & Tierney
For a hard-working, dedicated Conservative team.

Necessary small print for election time, in regards to my joint candidacy with Cllr. Robert Scrimshaw for the Parson Drove & Wisbech St. Mary District Division:
Promoted by Mrs D N Clark on behalf of the Conservative Party Candidates both of 111 High Street, March, Cambs PE15 9LH.