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Halloween Party, Tomorrow!

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Tentacles Everywhere

Tentacles Everywhere

I had to admire Fen Diary on the Wisbech Standard‘s website tonight.  A brief entry to the local diarist’s column talks about a well-known Wisbech commentator Mike Stallard.

Mike is a (very good) artist and something of a local activist often writing letters to the local press.  He’s an interesting and controversial character who i’ve encountered on political blogs and news discussion forums on odd occasions, far and wide.

Mike, who is not exactly known as a Tory, has said he may vote Conservative if the party pledges to solve the various issues he thinks are important.  He apparently made this proclamation on a ‘Tory Website’ (the Fen Diary didn’t say which one.)

But what really tickled me was that somehow our local press column found an obscure comment made my an occasional local personality and put the name and the text together.  It really is quite a feat.

Now I’m wondering just how far and wide do the Standard’s tentacles reach?  Do they employ a legion of tireless researchers, chained to their desks, googling the names of anybody who has ever appeared or been mentioned in the paper?  Or does our Fen Diarist work alone, but have no need of sleep at all?  With halloween so close I’m wondering if I should put garlic under my windows and take to wearing a crucifix.