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Passing The Baton

Passing The Baton

Last May my Wife and I became the Mayor and Mayoress of Wisbech.

It was such a wonderful day.  I was proud to take on the role in the Town that I love surrounded by family, friends, colleagues and local people.

The year has been very busy and yet has also flashed past.

I have given the role everything I have.  I have done my best to do it my own way, to try new things, but also to preserve old traditions.

I tried to make sure that my Civic Functions were well-organised, enjoyable and memorable.

I have done my best to represent the town far and wide.  I have always tried to do so with positivity, enthusiasm and commitment.

I have set a new record for charitable funds raised during the Wisbech Mayorship and I am pleased to have been able to help many great local causes.

I must take this opportunity to thank all of my Town Council colleagues, the Town Council staff, my Mayoral Chaplains, my Mum and Stepdad (who helped with everything, but most particularly with all the catering), my Wife and Son for working with me every step of the way, my good friend Mr David Topgood who has assisted me in so many Mayoral Duties.   And the good people of Wisbech who have (almost all) been incredibly supportive every step of the way.

I sat atop a Rose Fair Float, I picked litter at the Rock Festival, I visited so many wonderful care homes on Christmas Day, I sang Christmas Carols on the Market Place, I got to fight supervillains on stage in front of thousands of people, I got to meet people who had landmark birthdays, I ran the Colour run without having a heart attack (somehow), I watched as fine local people did wonderful things and started new ventures and helped the community in incredible ways.

I am down to the last week or two and have finished almost all the official Mayoral commitments remaining in my diary.

Very soon, my Deputy, Cllr Peter Human, will become the new Mayor.  I know he will do a wonderful job and I’d like to wish Peter and Janet all the very best.  I hope they will enjoy the job as much as my Wife and I have.

We’ve met so many amazing people, travelled to other brilliant towns and cities.  It has been just the best experience.

My family and I would like to thank the Town for this opportunity, which we will certainly never forget.

It has been an absolute privilege and the greatest honour to have been Mayor of this incredible, wonderful, town which is full of many of the best people I have ever met in my life.

Thank you so much.

Ladies In Lavender

Ladies In Lavender
The Mayoress and I were invited to attend the opening night of the Wisbech Players’ new show, Ladies In Lavender.
The team did not let anybody down, delivering their usual excellent performance to an enthusiastic audience.
There are more shows this week and I can recommend it most highly as an entertaining and enjoyable evening.

Margaret’s 100th Birthday

Margaret’s 100th Birthday
Today is the 100th Birthday of a lovely lady called Margaret Rowley.
Margaret lives at Hickathrift House where the wonderful staff support her.
I was invited to join Margaret and her family to celebrate her special day for an afternoon tea.
The celebration was laid on by the Hickathrift Staff and Margaret had a very nice time surrounded by her family.
It really was a memorable afternoon. Margaret received her letter from The Queen. I had the privilege of talking to Margaret who told me about the amazing life she has led and the many things she has done. I found her inspirational.
I’d like to thank the family and the Hickathrift staff for inviting me to share the celebration with them. And I would like to wish Margaret a very Happy Birthday.

Breckland Council Civic Service

Breckland Council Civic Service

Today I travelled to Dereham to join the Chairman of Breckland Council for her Civic Service & Afternoon Tea.

It was an enjoyable and well-organised event and it was also a nice chance to meet other members of the “Chain Gang”, Mayors, Chairman and civil dignitaries – most of whom, like me, are coming to the end of their terms in office.

Dereham is a nice place to visit and I always enjoy going there. Like Wisbech, it is full of friendly down-to-Earth people and it was an absolute pleasure to be a part of their Civic Service.

Thank you, as ever, to Mr Dave Topgood who assisted me throughout the event.

URC Bicentennial

URC Bicentennial

This afternoon my Wife and I joined the congregation of the United Reform Church on Castle Square, for their Bicentennial 1818-2018 celebratory service.

Its a church I always like to visit, a wonderful building and lovely people. We enjoyed the service very much and the refreshments afterwards were very, uh, refreshing. 

Thank you for the invite!

Wax On, Wax Off

Wax On, Wax Off

Tesco had organised a fundraiser for Cancer Research this morning and I had (stupidly) agreed to have my legs waxed, along with four other gentlemen from the Tesco staff.

Not sure how much we raised in total, but with donations and pledges I managed £400 so was pleased with that.

Fun morning all in all, though I will not pretend the waxing did not hurt. ‘Coz it did.  But all in a good cause.


My “Mayors At Home.”

My “Mayors At Home.”

I was both humbled and touched by the amazing turnout at my Mayor’s At Home event today.  I certainly did not expect such a huge turnout, both from Mayors and Council leaders far and wide but also from all over Wisbech.  I suppose no matter how hard you hope you have worked, you don’t really know if you’ve had a successful year as Mayor until you put on your last event and see who shows up.  Thank you, everybody, for being there.

I’d like to thank the local talented youngsters who provided the entertainment for the guests including the incredible Amy Palmer, the Fenland Gymnastic Academy and the Nine Lives Theatre Company.  In turn each wowed the audience and were a spectacular example of the incredible talent that Wisbech has to offer.

I’d like to thank the Armed Forces youth groups who were so professional and looked so smart including the Wisbech Scouts, Air Cadets, the Army Cadets and the GVC.  You were all as excellent as ever.

I’d also like to thank the Town Councillors who worked so hard to make the event a success and the many other volunteers who pitched in setting up, running the event and then clearing it all away.

I must not forget to thank my Mum and my Stepdad, who catered the entire event with good humour, professionalism and damn fine food.  They worked their socks off and delivered an incredible spread which received nothing but compliments from the guests.

The Mayors At Home was also the event where we got to hand out the remainder of the money my Wife and I have raised during our Mayoral term.  Totally almost £9000.00 it is been a record-breaking year.


I’d like to give my most heartfelt thanks to all the individuals businesses and organisations which have helped us raise money throughout the year.   In particular, I would like to thank Mr Dain Jensen, whose exceptionally generous donation at the Nightmayor’s Big Bash last year allowed us to do some important work early on in my Mayoral term.

Although we had a fair amount of cash to distribute today, we had already spent several thousands of pounds over the course of the year on other causes.  We had already made donations to local causes including Cat Haven, Sharman’s Dog Legacy, the Lois Smith Fund, the Wisbech Grammar School Rugby Fundraiser, On Track Education.  We were very pleased to be able to fund the delightful Bedazzle group last year, to offer assistance to the Corps of Drums, and to work with the St Augustines Knit & Natter group with two Mayoral Commissions.

We had said we would like to purchase a Defibrillator Unit for Wisbech and we were able to do that last year, allowing the Town Council to have a mobile unit for use at festivals and activities around the town.   Training has taken place and that defib unit is now making people safer in and around our town.

We had already purchased a gazebo for McMillans which I have seen them making very good use of at events around the town.  The Breathe Easy team have a nice new PA system which we purchased for them to help with their important work.   We even paid for the scary Ghost House that delighted and scared people at the Halloween fun day last year in Wisbech Market Place.

One of my favourite local teams, Boogie Tots, who deliver friendly and fun dance classes for very young children, and a nice opportunity to chat and get out for their parents, were supported last year to enable their class to continue offering the help and support that it does.

But today we had to hand out the cash to the charities which my Wife and I chose nearly a year ago – ably assisted by the advice and suggestions of the people of Wisbech via the Wisbech Discussion Forum on Facebook.

And so it was a great pleasure to help Community House in the North Ward with some funds to carry on the great work they do.  They had already been helped by the Mayors Fund in 2017 but they are such an important asset for the town that I wanted to be sure to show my ongoing support.

For the organisation that encourages children from our area to read, and which continue to do much work to share the joy of reading and foster is early, I was pleased to be able to give some money to the Wisbech Reads organisation.

We also had funds for the Wisbech Stroke Club and the Wisbech Cubs and Scouts organisation.

Although Cat Haven weren’t able to make it to the event, we didn’t forget them and were able to give them a donation.

One of the fantastic organisations for young people in Wisbech is the Fenland Gymnastics Academy, which is raising funds to move to a larger location because it simply does not have enough space to meet the huge local demand.  The Mayor donation isn’t going to buy a new premises, I know, but I hope what we were able to give them demonstrates the high regard in which we hold them and the fine young people they train.

I had invited Boogie Tots to the event but I didn’t tell them that I had a surprise for them.  I knew they were looking for a source of funding to allow their activities to continue for the next six months.  I had not told that that we would be able to assist with that, and it was fun to spring the good news on them.

Finally, our key local cause.  My Wife and I continue to consider this such an important organisation.  These ladies do such fantastic work in our town.  They are a never-ending source of enthusiasm, compassion and care.  I have enjoyed working with them throughout my Mayoral year and it was a great pleasure to be able to make a significant donation to help them carry on doing what they do so well.  I know that the support we were able to give the St Augustine’s Day Centre will be put to fantastic use and will help some of the most vulnerable people of Wisbech to live brighter, happier and more fulfilled lives.

I could not have asked for the event to go any better than it did.  It was packed with people, they all seemed to have a really nice time, and we got to reward some really wonderful local causes and charities.  Thank you, everybody.

Time For A Cuppa

Time For A Cuppa

On Monday morning I visited Rosebank Centre in Edina Court to enjoy their “Time For A Cuppa” morning, raising funds for sufferers of dementia and their families.

I always enjoy visiting Edina Court where the residents and staff and so welcoming and friendly, and where they make one of the best cups of tea for a hundred miles.
I even jointly-won the “guess the weight of the cake” competition. But since I have to lose weight for my parachute jump in May, I let the other winner have the honours of devouring that massive feast :)

New Camsight Shop

New Camsight Shop

Last week it was a great pleasure to open the new Camsight shop in Wisbech.
I was amazed by some of the new technology coming out to help the blind and partially-sighted and the team at the shop seem both knowledgable and caring.
A real asset to the town!