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Mayor Charity Update

Mayor Charity Update

During my first six months as Mayor I have raised £6,600.  Some of that was donated by myself through my voluntary surrender of the County Council rise, but most was from functions, fundraisers, the great work of the St Augustines Day Centre team, my Mayor’s Stall at the Rock Festival and generous donations from others.

Although there is still plenty of cash left (and I hope to raise much more) here is an update on some of the things I’ve already done with the Mayor’s Charity Fund.

  • Boogie Tots – paid for the hire of the hall, allowing the group to continue
  • Mobile Defibrillator Unit – purchased an entire unit, for use at Town Events.
  • Bedazzle – paid for the hire of the hall, helping the group meet funding challenges.
  • Community House Day Trip – Paid for a day trip for users of the House, including some special T-Shirts
  • Breathe Easy – Purchased a PA System for this important support group
  • Festivals Committee – Paid for the Ghost House at Halloween, so that it could be free for the people of Wisbech
  • North Ward / Waterlees Skate Park – Made a significant donation towards the forthcoming Skate Park.
  • Donations to Cat Haven, Sharman’s Legacy, Lois Smith Fund, WGS Rugby Fundraiser, On Track Education, Macmillan Cancer Support
  • Gazebo for use by Macmillan Cancer Support
  • There is much more to come as I hope to deliver a lot for St Augustines Day Centre, Fenland Gymnastic Academy, Wisbech Stroke Club, Wisbech Reads and Wisbech Cubs/Scouts/Guides in 2018.

It’s quite exciting to be able to deliver lots of different things.  There’s still a sizeable chunk remaining and its my intention to double up my effort in the New Year and fundraise like crazy.  If anybody has any fundraising ideas, or would like to make a donation, or would like to help me with fundraising activities, please let me know!

Remembrance 2017

Remembrance 2017

I was so proud today of the Town of Wisbech and its fine people.

Remembrance in Wisbech is a special ceremony. The folk of this Town know how much was sacrificed and there is always a large crowd gathered to pay proper respects to the fallen.

As the Mayor this year it was my privilege and honour to lay a wreath on behalf of Wisbech Town Council.

It was wonderful to see so many young people also, turned out as cadets or with their families. Several generations all united in their gratitude, thanks and respect for the people who gave their lives in order that we are able to live ours in safety and peace.

The service in the church of St Peter and St Paul was very nicely done and underlined the gravity of the day.

Finally, the Deputy Lord Lieutenant and I carried out a review of the military and cadet units presented in the Market Place. They were all exemplary.

As a biting cold wind swept through the Market Place, some of the very young cadets were clearly cold. They stood stalwart nonetheless and were unmoved. Their parents must be immensely proud of these fine young people.

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*Pictures courtesy and (c) Jamie Edwards and Brenda Barber

Armistice Day 2017

Armistice Day 2017

This morning I was at the Wisbech War Memorial with the RBL, Town Councillors and members of the public to pay our respects on Armistice Day.

I then joined some of my fellow Councillors and moved on to Nestle Purina for their own Armistice service.

Both were nicely-organised events in which we were able to show how we value the sacrifice of those who have fallen to allow us to lead the lives of safety and privilege that we do.

Glennfield Ninth Birthday Party

Glennfield Ninth Birthday Party

This afternoon I joined residents of Glennfield in Wisbech to celebrate the Care Home’s 9th Birthday.
Music was provided by the talented Tony G, and I enjoyed the company of Alina Whiteman (representing the RBL) and the lovely residents and their families who were there to celebrate with them.
It was great to get a chance to see my old friends Neville and Pauline Frusher and to chat with residents who I last saw at the karaoke afternoon I attended as Deputy Mayor.
Glennfield is such a nice place and I am always impressed by the dedication of its staff. As always, the event was most enjoyable and I look forward to seeing residents and staff again soon for Christmas!

TCA Remembrance

TCA Remembrance

This morning I was invited to join the students, teachers and cadets at Thomas Clarkson Academy for their remembrance service.

Students lined the balconies and stairwells, holding the names of family members who were lost in conflict.

I laid a wreath on behalf of the Town Council and paid my respects.

During the service and the silence, despite thousands of students in close proximity, you could have heard a pin drop.

What an honour it was to attend the school’s Remembrance event and to be a small part of it.  The students and staff of the school did the Town and themselves proud and their clear and profound respect for those who have fallen to keep us all safe was evident and obvious.

Thank you for inviting me to attend.

Skate Park, As Promised

Skate Park, As Promised

Wisbech Town Council Policy & Resources Committee met last night and one of the items on the agenda was the use of s106 funds for play equipment around town.

Several areas will benefit from updated and new playground equipment. I was very pleased that there was unanimous agreement on changes that different Town Councillors have been lobbying hard for.

Of particular interest was the agreement to provide a new and quality Skate Park for North Ward / Waterlees, likely to be before next Summer. This has been pushed hard by the four Town Councillors; Laura Cobb, Billy Rackley, Andrew Lynn and Andy Maul as it was a key pledge they made during their election campaign.

Laura, Chairman of the Skate Park Committee, has worked with the others to get some fantastic plans drawn up and they have – broadly – been agreed.

A decent skate park has long been something the ward and the town aspired to, but previous attempts have stuttered and faded, amounting to little.

But not this team!

The Town Councillors should be commended for the excellent work they have done. In very short order they have taken things from the drawing board to a real plan, and done exactly what they said they would do. A breath of fresh air, I think most would agree.

So some good news for young people around the town. The new Skate Park is now almost certainly coming. Get ready!

Coffee Tree Experience

Coffee Tree Experience

This morning I visited The Coffee Tree Experience in Guyhirn, where I was pleased to launch their new charity appeal. They will be raising money for the Sea Cadets. They are also raising funds for “The Mayor’s Defribrillator Fund” which is one of my Mayoral Charities, which is great.

Also – excellent cup of coffee. Highly recommended.

All rude captions for the photo have already been suggested… :)

A Weekend Of Allsorts

A Weekend Of Allsorts
I’ve had something of a hectic weekend. On Saturday I was involved with the organising of the successful Wisbech Spooktacular event (if you were there, I was the masked DJ). At 4PM I had to break off being a DJ in order to don Mayoral robes and chain and judge the Horsefair’s Fancy Dress competition, which was a lot of fun. Then, after a parade around the Market Place with all the costumed people, it was back to spooking it up in front of the House of Shadows.
It was good the clocks changed giving us an extra hour because I was dead tired (no pun intended ) and the extra sleep worked wonders.
Today I was off to Huntingdon for the Mayor’s Civic Service. The service was very nice and afterwards I joined the rest of the Civic guests for refreshments in the Town Council chambers.
It was dark by the time I got home. I guess Winter is coming, as it were. :)

My Mayor’s Civic Service

My Mayor’s Civic Service
As the Mayor there are four events which are particularly significant on the Mayoral Calendar. (Not that other events aren’t also important, but most Mayor’s will look at the Big Four with slightly more nerves that the others.)
The Big Four are; Mayor Making, The Mayor’s Civic Service, Remembrance Day and the Mayor’s “At Home.”
Today was my Civic Service and it’s fair to say that I’ve sweat over this one for weeks. I wanted it to be just right. I hoped lots of people would come, the “Chain Gang” from other towns and also local people. I wanted to make sure the Church service was just the right length so as not to become difficult, but not too short to devalue it. I wanted a good “theme”.
I wanted readings from key people and I wanted to Councillors of the Town Council to be well-represented and to enjoy themselves. I wanted people to feel they could come along without being Chairman-of-this or Deputy-Mayor-Of-That.
Afterwards I wanted people to have refreshments and feel relaxed enough not to want to rush off, to feel they had enough to eat and that the food was great. I didn’t want to run out of wine. I wanted lots of desserts. I wanted a mixture of fun food and posh food, so as to present an interesting and enjoyable mix.
I wanted everybody to have fun.
It is for others to judge whether I succeeded, but I feel pretty good about it all. I think it went very well indeed and I couldn’t really have asked for more.
Many thanks to my fellow Town Councillors and their partners, many of whom turned up. To the Town Clerk and staff for their hard work. To my Macebearer Terry and to my always helpful volunteer Mayor’s assistant Dave Topgood. To Sam Hoy the Leader of Town Council, and to My Deputy Mayor and Mayoress Peter Human and Janet Tanfield. Also to the Cadets and Riders who turned out to support the event and to provide a wonderful guard of Honour. To my Mayor’s Cadet, Travis, who is always smart and vigilant and is a role model to other young men, in my opinion.
Thanks to all the Mayors and Mayoresses, Chairman and Vice-all-the-aboves who travelled to Wisbech, Capital of the Fens. You were very welcome in our lovely town and I hope to see you at other events in the near future.
Huge thanks to my Mum, Brenda Barber and my Stepdad Tony Barber, who did all the catering and just knocked it out of the field as usual. To Terry O’Keeffe my Mayor’s Council Chaplain, and Vanessa O’Keeffe who did all the floral arrangements. To Dan Smith who was a huge help with the organisation. To David Wright and his lovely friend who played the most wonderful classical music in the background and added a real touch of class and joy to the proceedings.
Finally thanks to my Mayor’s Civic Chaplain, the Rev. Canon Matthew Bradbury and his team at the Church of St Peter and St Paul, such an awesome church we are so very lucky to have. And thank you to the people of Wisbech who came along and to those that would have liked to come but were not able, but offered their support and good wishes.
It was a lovely day and I am immensely proud of it.
– Cllr Steve Tierney and Mrs Marie Tierney, the Mayor and Mayoress of Wisbech, and Joe Tierney, our Son.
Photos Courtesy and (c) of the Wisbech Standard, all rights reserved

School Dinner

School Dinner

Tonight I was invited to a rather special dinner.

Students of Thomas Clarkson Academy who are studying catering prepared a three course meal and served it to parents and guests.

As one of the guests I was treated to a truly exception meal, prepared and served flawlessly. Everybody seemed to enjoy it as much as I did.

The students and staff must be congratulated on the fare, which was as good as any restaurant i’ve eaten in recently. Better than many.

Thank you for inviting me.

*Thank you to Editor, John Elworthy, who acted as escort for the Mayoral Chain at very short notice.

Photos Courtesy of Wisbech Standard