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Celebration Barbecue

Celebration Barbecue

I’ve just spent an enjoyable afternoon with friends and colleagues at the Conservative fundraising event organised by the Roman Bank Branch of N.E.C.C.A. (North East Cambs Conservative Association.)

It was good to see such a fantastic turnout and so many new members / faces as well.  The weather held out long enough that we enjoyed good food and drink and lots of chatter.  Steve Barclay MP stopped by and got a big cheer for his astonishing win this week, increasing his vote dramatically.

Then it was hot tub and sauna time as those who remembered to bring cozzies took the plunge, steam and soak challenge.

Conservative membership has been up all year, but the General Election is bringing in lots of new people and that’s an exciting development.


NE Cambs Election, 2017

NE Cambs Election, 2017

Our local result in North East Cambridgeshire was declared at 3:55 this morning and was as follows:

Steve Barclay (Conservative)  34,340;

Labour                                   13,070;

Liberal Democrats                     2,383;

UKIP                                        2,174;

Green                                       1,024;

English Democrat                        293.

Congratulations to Steve on increasing his vote and increasing his majority in North East Cambridgeshire!

N.E.C.C.A. Office Move

N.E.C.C.A. Office Move

I’ve spent most of the day with my friend and colleague Chris Boden in the new NECCA office; moving furniture around, unpacking boxes, setting up equipment.

By the end of the day we had managed to get it mostly finished and everything working.  It’s a great new office which looks better and is more functional than the old one.

We’re just along the corridor from the new office of the MP Steve Barclay, which is helpful.

Just as well we have a nice new premises and a bit more space given the hundreds and hundreds of new Conservative members that are flooding into the party since the EU Referendum.

Out & About

Out & About

Whenever I miss a few days blogging it’s usually a safe bet that I’m up to my eyes in it, if you’ll excuse the term.  My manic period (things are almost always manic, but particularly so right now) began last week and doesn’t let up until sometime into next week!

Last Friday night, having returned home from Shire Hall where I’d spent the afternoon in a meeting with the Health & Wellbeing Support Group and then with a number of one-to-one meetings with officers, I rushed straight out of the door to attend the performance by Wisbech’s new Breakout Choir at St. Peter’s Church.  This is part of Wisbech’s current Arts Festival which is celebrating the town’s diverse and impressive artistic delights.  It was a delightful performance and particularly so since my wife Marie and my good friend Cllr Samantha Hoy are both members of it.

After the choir’s show I rushed off to Gorefield where their pre-school support group were running their yearly fundraising quiz night.  I was in a team with Cllr Garry Tibbs, Cllr Stephen Brunton, Cllr Sam Hoy and Cllr. Robert Scrimshaw, defending the trophy we won at last year’s event.  We lost the trophy this time, being pushed to second place – but plenty of money was raised for the group and that, after all, is the important thing.  Much fun had by all!

On Saturday I was in Number10 Cafe all day and on Sunday I was out delivering leaflets (In Touch newsletter and survey coming to you soon, if you are in my division and haven’t had one already!) and then took my son Joe to see Men In Black III.  Sunday night I spent working until the very small hours on paperwork.

On Monday I was back in Shire Hall for meetings, including an update meeting on the Member Development Panel – which considers what training support elected councillors need to better enable them to do their job.  (No jokes please!)  On Tuesday I was back to Shire Hall again for Cabinet/SMT (Senior Management Team) meeting and, I thought, the Adult Health & Wellbeing Overview and Scrutiny Committee.  I’m not on this committee, but as one of the cabinet members in this area it is possible the committee may wish to call me for information or questions.  As it happens, they didn’t need me this time.

Wednesday I woke at the crack of dawn and drove to Hertfordshire to put in some hours at my business there.  The meeting of the NECCA (North-East Cambridgeshire Conservatives Association) executive officers that was scheduled for the evening was cancelled, which is just as well as I’d never have made it back in time.  Phew!  Which brings us to today.  I’ve been out this morning buying fireworks (I’m donating the Fireworks for the Tydd St Giles Jubilee Day on Saturday.)  In about an hour I must drive again to Shire Hall for the final meeting of the Cambridgeshire Care Partnership, which I am chairing in the absence of the usual chairman.  Tonight, I’ve got a “lock up” duty at the Queen Mary Centre after a five-a-side team finish their practices in the gym.

Tomorrow I’m off to London on business and must then attend a meeting of the Leverington Conservative Branch in the evening.  Which leads me tidily to the weekend’s Jubilee marathon!  Saturday – dawn til’ dusk in Tydd St. Giles.  Sunday- dawn til’ dusk in Newton.  Monday- dawn til’ dusk in Leverington.  I am intrinsically involved in all three of these events, having offered my services to the organising committees for the entire day doing “whatever they need me to do.”  I will be ably assisted by my seven-year-old son Joe on all three days and we’re looking forward to a wonderful, memorable and, no doubt, exhausting weekend.  I’ll report on the Jubilee events in more detail in due course.

Midsummer Dinner With Dr. Liam Fox MP

Elm Branch
North East Cambridgeshire Conservative Association

invites you to a

Midsummer Dinner


Rt Hon Dr Liam Fox MP

Secretary of State for Defence 2010-2011 and Party Chairman 2003-2005


The Limes Farmhouse, Begdale Road, Elm PE14 0BQ

7.30 pm, Friday 29 June 2012

Pre-dinner drinks and canapés, 3 course dinner with wine

Catering by Sourced Catering Limited, chef Daniel Hartley

£40 per head

By kind permission of Mr & Mrs Robin O’Connor

To Book A Place:-
01945 584431

Fast Weeks

Fast Weeks

Is it just me or are the weeks flashing by right now? A packed diary always seems to be mean a fast pace, but even bearing that in mind things are fairly zooming along at present.

Outside of politics all the areas of business I’m involved in seem to have dramatically picked up. I can only hope this is more than a temporary blip and isn’t isolated to me! Within party politics my rolls as chairman of the Wisbech Conservatives, executive member of NECCA, county councillor, Overview and Scrutiny chairman and generic political activist are certainly keeping me active.

Today, for instance, I went with a few friends to assist fellow Conservatives in the Hornchurch and Upminster area – or more specifically to assist Boris Johnson in his campaign to gain a second term as Mayor of London. Now look – every politician will always sing the praises of every campaign day, so you should feel free to take my words with a pinch of salt if you want to. But the buzz on the streets we visited was exceptional. No Labour posters, no stand-offishness, just a lot of people who seem to really like Boris.

Tomorrow I’m working in the day at my engraving/engineering company but have to rush home to attend the first committee meeting of the new Leverington Street Pride group which I have helped to set up. On Tuesday i’m off to Impington to walk the route that is discussed in an appeal to the Service Appeals committee that I sit on (and which is happening next week.) Then I’m speaking at CCC Cabinet as a local member and then in the afternoon I have the cross-party scrutiny management committee to attend.

On Wednesday I’m volunteering with the Wisbech Street Pride team to help clean up areas in Clarkson, Wisbech. Then i’m off to my cafe (Number10) to work in the afternoon. On Wednesday evening I have a NECCA officer’s meeting to attend.

Thursday has me back in London on business and on Friday I’m back in Shire Hall, Cambridge, for a seminar and then a group meeting. Saturday is my monthly Councillor’s surgery (this month it is in Leverington) followed by a committee meeting to arrange fundraising for (hopefully) a new skate park for young people in my division. And on Sunday I have a fundraiser to attend.

As you can see, this is another week that is going to be gone in the blink of an eye. But that’s fine by me. I love to be busy.