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St Georges Day

St Georges Day

Today was the first of our Town Council -organised festivals.  This is the baby of the bunch, the family fun that is St. Georges day.  The weather didn’t let us down and was gorgeous.  The event went smoothly with no problems and the turnout, after a slow start, was really good.  Lots of families had great fun and the “Live Dragon Hunt” proved as popular as last year.  Whoever thought of that silly but hilarious game was a bright spark <ahem>.

Thanks must go to the team of Councillors and volunteers who organised, manned and delivered the whole thing.  The Market Place was busy and the event popular and enjoyed.  Not a single moan about any aspect of it so far, which must be a record! :)

We also used the opportunity to set up a public consultation booth for the Market Place Project, letting the public look at our ideas for the possible future of the Market Place and to suggest their own.  There was a lot of interest, and while different people had different views on some of the individual aspects – we did not encounter a single person who said “no” to the over plan, direction and scheme.  This is particularly of note for me because these people who came to the booth are the people who actually use the Market Place.  Some work will have to be done before proceeding with any part of the plans to make sure the Market Traders aren’t negatively affected.  All in all this project looks popular and innovative – well down to the team  of Councillors and members of the public who helped put the ideas together.

I spent most of the morning as DJ.  St George is an odd one since it is the Deputy Mayor who has the big role to play.  That of The Dragon.  Cllr Andew Lynn donned his St George outfit to lead a horde of childen and parents to hunt the dragon, beat it into submission with foam swords, and bring it back to the DJ booth to apologise for trying to eat sections of Wisbech.  First they saved Medworth Ward. Then they saved Walsoken.  Then those might children saved North Ward (aka Waterlees, but seldom) and the people of those fine areas could sleep soundly in their beds knowing they weren’t going to be a tasty snack for a hungry monster.  All in all, a fine days work in Wisbech, the finest town on Earth ™.

Dylan – Dragon Slayer supreme

No idea who this strange woman is or why she is riding an elephant

Peter Human and Andrew Lynn, George & the Dragon

St George’s Day

St George’s Day

Fenland just comes to life on weeks like this, doesn’t it?  Yesterday, live open-air Easter ceremonies, with singing and worship and fellowship (regardless of whether you are a person of faith or not you can still enjoy the camaraderie.)  Then today, Wisbech market square full of happy people, parading in red and white feathers, or wearing St. George hats, or dressed as crusaders, cheering and laughing and having fun.  The community enjoying the spectacle.

Or out in the villages, where the sun beats hotly down upon the wide expanse of beautiful, open fields.  From Common Bank to Back Road to Sealeys Lane. From Chapelfield Road to Thorney Toll.  Where people feel blessed to be able to sit in their garden and just enjoy nature stretching off into the distance for as far as the eye can see.  The thirsty crops gently blowing in the occasional welcome breeze.  Quiet, sun-drenched and glorious.

This is a time to put concerns and worries on the back burner, if you can.  To crack open an icy beverage, to light the barby or just to lounge beneath the blazing sun and do absolutely nothing at all.

I tried campaigning today.  I really did.  I was out from 9AM until about 3PM with the handful of dedicated stalwarts that nothing can deter.  But we ran out of steam mid-afternoon and decided that really, today of all days, we should do whatever everybody else was doing.  Relax – and have some fun!


This England never did, nor never shall,
Lie at the proud foot of a conqueror.

 – William Shakespeare, “King John”

Necessary small print for election time, in regards to my joint candidacy with Cllr. Robert Scrimshaw for the Parson Drove & Wisbech St. Mary District Division:
Promoted by Mrs D N Clark on behalf of the Conservative Party Candidates both of 111 High Street, March, Cambs PE15 9LH.

St. George, Stand And Deliver, The Small Print & Three Thousand Readers

St. George
Every time the question about a national day for the English comes around it seems to get bound up in rhetoric of whether we should, or should not, be proud to be English.  Whether we (as a people) are given to this sort of celebration or not.  Whether we even have anything to be proud of.  Well, I am certainly proud to be English.  I am indeed given to this sort of celebration.  And I do believe that England has a great deal to be proud of.  Times are hard for many and they’re going to get harder.  One of the things that will help get us through is to remember our long, colourful history.  Another is looking at our communities and the decent, proud, generous people who live in them.  We sell ourselves short sometimes, getting bogged down in arguments about benefits cheats, teenage parents, corrupt bankers and knife crime.  Let’s try to remember our good points too.  A national day to keep that in mind is a good thing. 
Happy St. George’s Day!
St Georges Day

Stand And Deliver
Yesterday the Prime Minister put on his mask, strapped guns to his hips and laid in wait on the side of the highway.  The first carriage to come along was carrying the Middle Class.  Gordon leapt out into the road and shouted : “Stand and deliver!  Your Money Or Your Life!”  People might be forgiven for thinking Robin Hood had arrived, stealing from the rich (well, prosperous, anyway) and giving to the poor. 

Until the next wagon to happen by.  “Stick ‘Em Up!  I’ll be taking all your jobs, please.” Gordon ranted, aiming his six guns at a bunch of weary working class travellers.  “I know the prosperous employ everybody else, I just don’t care.  The public sector isn’t big enough yet anyway!”  Leering evilly, Gordon smirked: “Don’t worry, you’ll be looked after.  As long as you meet the criteria.  You need to be a teenager, out of work for six months or more, driving an eleven-year-old car, the seventh daughter of a seventh daughter, born on the Sabbath under a blood red moon.”  Or something like that. 

Having now put the lie both to the Big Idea that the middle classes have nothing to fear from New Labour and to their Manifesto commitment against huge tax increases, Gordon Brown finally openly reverts to type.  It’s back to the Seventies with a hit parade of class warfare, economic ruin and social jealousy.  Since today is also William Shakespeare’s Birthday I think a quote is in order. 

O, beware, my lord, of jealousy;
It is the green-ey’d monster, which doth mock
The meat it feeds on.
– Shakespeare’s Othello

I’m aware that my metaphors are something of a mish-mash.  Much like that disastrous nonsense of a fabricated budget.  Give me strength.

The Small Print
At the end of April ’09 we move officially into Campaign Season.  The run-up to the County Council and Euro-Elections mean that some rules come into force which I am advised I must adhere to since I am a candidate for the Roman Bank & Peckover county division.   As a consequence of this I will be obliged to include an amount of ‘Small Print’ at the end of every blog post detailing my Conservative affiliation and some other campaign-related details.  My posts will also be slightly delayed as they will need to be ‘approved’ by my local organising secretary.  She’s a good sport and I’m not particularly controversial, so I don’t anticipate any problems.  I’m only making this advance notification in case anybody wonders why small print suddenly starts appearing at the end of my posts.  It doesn’t mean I’ve sold out, or am under the dictatorial thumb of Big Brother.  It just means (like any good Conservative) that I want to stay within the law and do the right thing as a county candidate.  Somehow, I doubt that telling readers I’m a Conservative at the end of each post is going to be a big surprise to anybody.  But if it is I’d have to ask… what Blog have you been reading all this time? 

Three Thousand Readers
My latest ‘hits count’ for the blog website is three-thousand individual readers a week.  TWELVE THOUSAND a month?  Bloody hell!  (Excuse my French.)  Who are you all?  Thank you for reading but please… leave a comment once in a while!  It’s exciting to know my occasional rant encourages some inspection.  It’d just be nice to get some feedback!  Speak now, or forever hold your pieces.  <Ahem>