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School Of Rock

School Of Rock

Students and teachers of Thomas Clarkson Academy ….

you ROCKED it tonight.

The School of Rock show was just stunning. The energy, the talent, the enthusiasm, the music, the acting, the whole show was just brilliant from beginning to end.

I wish there was another night of the show so I could go and see it again.

Thank you all. It was awesome.

**Particularly proud of my Son.  Who joined the cast as “Billy” five days before the show and had to learn the entire thing in less than a week.  Well done Joe.  We were super proud.

Rushing About

Rushing About

TCA Part 1:
This morning, first thing, I was in Thomas Clarkson Academy for their “drop-in” Open Day and I was shown around the school by two exemplary students.  I’ve seen bits and pieces of the school before but this is the first time I’ve seen it all and all I can say is: “Wow.”  Compared to the dingy old war bunker of a school I went to, this place looks incredible.  It’s like a cross between a University Campus and an airport.  Clearly a great deal of effort has gone into getting the design just right to create a positive uplifting atmosphere and to assist in operational challenges.

I am really excited that my Son will be going to the school in September – which is a far cry from the way I felt a decade ago about the old school that used to occupy the same site.  If any parents are thinking of sending their Son to the school but have been put off by the things some naysayers have told them then my advice is – go see it for yourself.  I suspect, if you went to School in the Seventies/Eighties/Nineties you will be as gobsmacked as I.

I was so eager to tell my Son all about it.  So when he got from home I was filling him in on everything cool about his soon-to-be school, the after school clubs, the sports opportunities, the blooming enormous climbing wall, the generally wide, open, airy atmosphere in the place.  Unfortunately, as is the way with eleven-year-old boys, his eyes glazed over and I could tell I was getting the “pretend to be interested in Dad” face. :)  Never mind, I know he’ll love it when he actually goes there.

Oasis Centre
There followed a meeting of the Wisbech Community Development Trust, on which I sit.  This is the Trust that manages the Oasis Centre.  It was mostly a housekeeping meeting with some good news that disagreements with County Council over a lease have finally been resolved.

TCA Part 2:
Then I was back to the Thomas Clarkson Academy, this time in my role as Deputy Mayor.  I was there for the Read It Again Awards.  A selection of illustrated Childrens Books are read by children in primary schools all over the County and then the kids are asked to vote on their favourite.  At the awards all the authors are there to meet the kids, sign their books, do little drawings and find out who the winner is.  School kids from miles around attend to meet the author/illustrators and are clearly very excited by the whole thing.  It really is a brilliant event.  I can’t speak highly enough of it.  The kids all know who their favourites are.  Each author gives a little talk about themselves and what they do and the kids hung on every word.  When the winner was announced, which was “Super Happy Magic Forest”, the children went nuts.  Clearly a crowd favourite.

Friends Of Tillery Fields & St Peters Church Gardens
It was then a rush to get to the “Friends of” meeting to help the Committee address issues in those areas and make plans for the future, including those for Rose Fair.

I have some other meetings tonight, but I’ve had a few minutes to grab a cuppa and write this blog post.  It’s been an interesting day of rushing from meeting to appointment to meeting.