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North Ward / Waterlees By-Election, Part 2

North Ward / Waterlees By-Election, Part 2

Just returned from a hectic afternoon canvassing with the North Ward / Waterlees Conservative team.
There was a huge pack of us out today and we managed to canvass and leaflet a large area.
This campaign is a lot of fun as everybody seems to know all three of our candidates so well. Not sure I’ve ever been on a campaign where the candidates seem to know every person, their partner, their kids, their grandparents in quite this way before :) But its brilliant to be working with such a passionate and LOCAL team.

North Ward / Waterlees August 2017 Campaign Begins

North Ward / Waterlees August 2017 Campaign Begins
Campaigning started for the North Ward / Waterlees By-Election today.
It was a nice day for the North Ward Team to be out and about and we encountered many local people on our rounds.
The atmosphere remains upbeat and positive as it was in May. Things are really changing now and I think people recognise that.
Looking forward to getting Andy Maul, Andrew Lynn and Laura Cobb elected! That will be such a strong team. Alongside Billy Rackley and I, we will be able to really get things done.
Thanks to the people we met en route. Looking forward to seeing many, many more people in the month ahead and introducing them to our three excellent Conservative candidates.

Thank You, North Ward

Thank You, North Ward

Thanks to the residents of North Ward / Waterlees who turned up for the Coffee Morning with Councillors today.

It was a very relaxed and enjoyable natter in which we tried our best to put the world to rights over biscuits and cake.

Looking forward to the next one!

Coffee with Councillors

Waterlees / North Ward Coffee Morning

Waterlees / North Ward Coffee Morning
If you live in North Ward / Waterlees in Wisbech, I hope you will consider joining myself and Cllr Billy Rackley tomorrow morning for our Councillors’ Coffee Morning.
As this is a Councillor event, or course there is no charge or anything like that.
The short event is being held in Oasis Centre, in the youth room. It starts at 10AM and finishes at Midday. You can drop in any time, you don’t need an appointment or anything.
Tea, Coffee and Cake will all be provided by us.
The purpose of the event is to give residents of the area an opportunity to chat to Billy and I, and to each other. You can raise issues that concern you, suggest ideas or improvements, or just generally natter and enjoy a nice cuppa.
Please do come along, you will be very welcome and we will be pleased to see you.

North Ward / Waterlees By-Election

North Ward / Waterlees By-Election

Wisbech Conservatives did not want three by-elections in August.

We’ve already had enough elections this year.
We didn’t want to have to spend thousands of pounds of taxpayer’s money on another one. It could have been better spent on the actual town than another election
Nevertheless, Alan Lay decided he was too old to go on, and the Bucknors quit out of the blue also. So we have had no choice but to find candidates.
But they say every cloud has a silver lining and this particular silver lining is a great one. Because we have three FANTASTIC Conservative candidates for Waterlees/North Ward.
People say they want local candidates, people who are known in the area and who know the area. People who understand the local issues and are invested in the community.
We have three people exactly like that. Three candidates who we are sure will work very hard for North Ward / Waterlees. Three candidates who can join Billy Rackley (at Town Council) and Steve Tierney (as the County Councillor) to finally begin to deliver the services and support that local people deserve.
Andrew Lynn – Born and Bred in North Ward / Waterlees. Proud Son of Wisbech. Has worked for years with the homeless and is a foster carer.
Andy Maul – Proprietor of Bygones Cafe, the much-loved diner in the town centre. Well known and well-respected by his friends and customers, Andy wants to work with Wisbech Town Council to return the Market Place to glory, investing in and growing what it offers for everybody.
Laura Cobb – Teaching Assistant at Orchards School. Born n’ Bred North Ward / Waterlees, friendly, helpful and approachable. Laura is keen to see more services for families and children, in particular the rebuilding and expansion of the Skate Park in the ward.
These are the three candidates that have been selected to represent the Conservatives in the by-election at the end of August. More information will be forthcoming as the campaign progresses, of course.
But that’s a *strong* team, isn’t it? A strong team for North Ward / Waterlees. A strong team for the Town Council. A strong team for Wisbech.

Rose Lodge Birthdays

Rose Lodge Birthdays
I popped into Rose Lodge again today to wish two residents a very happy birthday.
Eric Parsons, who is 90 this week.
And Edna Cooper who is 102.
Real milestone birthdays and it was lovely to get a chance to celebrate with them.

Happy Birthday Nora Drew!

Happy Birthday Nora Drew!
It was a great honour to visit Rose Lodge Care Home in North Ward / Waterlees today and wish the delightful Nora Drew happy returns for the day on this, her 100th Birthday.
She didn’t know I was coming, or that I was bringing flowers, so it was nice to be able to surprise her and wish her all the best.
Happy Birthday Nora!

What a day!

What a day!

Orchards School held their annual Wisbech Reads day, celebrating books and reading and related subjects.

Theatre shows, Choirs, Storytellers and performances, Drama, Crafts, workshops and learning activities. Most of the school became a giant adventureland as Orchards welcomed coachloads of other schools from across the area.

From Wisbech St Mary to Elm, Leverington to Wisbech, Junior Schools filled the classrooms and the schools fields – where tents and pagodas were scattered wide, offering fun educational activities.

Quite literally thousands of children made their way through, all behaved fantastically, and laughing and smiling and dancing.

I was pleased to run a disco for the event to add some tunes to the festivities from 9AM to 3PM and those kids ran me ragged – rushing about energetically, performing dance routes, jumping and singing and laughing.

Orchards School really do pull out all the stops for this one and this is the second year where they have provided an interactive, buzzing, exciting and frankly amazing experience for so many of our children. The organisers must be congatulated and thanked, as should the teachers, TAs and volunteers who shepherd the kids safely to the event, around it, and back.

I have said this before, but it bears saying again – I am constantly pleased to see such excellent behaviour, such creativity and such joy at these events from the children of the area. Parents of the area don’t get enough credit, but these kids are great. Thousands of them, all buzzing with high energy, and not a single problem all day that I saw. It’s a miracle really.

Roll on next year!

Bucknor Resignation, revisited

Bucknor Resignation, revisited

I get so frustrated with the WIsbech Standard and the way it does the same thing, time and again: Which is to print any pack of lies and spin sent to it by Virginia Bucknor, uncritically and immediately.

The latest article about her resignation is just absolute nonsense. It seems to me that her and her husband had decided to resign in advance of the meeting and just wanted some political thing to “hang it on.”

She says in the article that the Council Leaders Plan “did not include Wisbech Garden Town until she asked for it to be added.” Sounds bad, right? Sounds like the Leader wasn’t bothered? The truth is that the Leader made some suggestions and asked for input from other Councillors – Mrs Bucknor made a suggestion and it was immediately included. But when you tell it *that* way it doesn’t stack up with the “nobody ever listens to us” argument she is trying to make, so the spin works better for her.

She is resigning because she wanted her Minor Highways bid to not have to face competition from other bids. She wanted to rig the vote in advance to guarantee her bid won, and is furious when we would not.

How could I vote for this? What would the residents of Colvile Road have thought about it? I have met with them and they are keen to have a Minor Highways bid to make their road safer. If I had said to them: “You know that meeting we all had? Well, I’ve decided ‘stuff you lot’ I’m dumping your needs and supporting Virginia Bucknor’s plan without any discussion” what would they have thought of that?

What about Wilberforce Road, or Queens Road, or Tinkers Drove, or any of the other parts of town where bids are forthcoming? What would the residents have felt to hear that we’d decided to ignore their bids months in advance, in favour of the Bucknors’ bid? Might they have said: “How DARE you?” Because I suspect that would have been EXACTLY how they felt.

The bidding process is there to allow different bids to be heard and evidence examined, in order that the best bid goes forward. Even if a bid fails, it can still be taken forwards independently by local Councillors.

The Bucknors wanted to “fix” the bid in their favour and against all the other bids in town, and when we would not agree to fix the bid and simply asked them to go through the correct procedure, they threw their toys out of the pram and began the usual sequence of blaming everybody else.

The sad thing is that the 20MPH scheme over which they claim to have resigned could have been implemented years ago if they’d just followed the advice they were given. The fact that they did not, and it was not, should make any fair-minded person wonder what the real agenda was.