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Lovely Gesture

Lovely Gesture

It was really nice today, while out doing our shopping for vulnerable people in North Ward / Waterlees, to be given these lovely gifts for Sam Samantha HoyAigars Balsevics and I.

There was no need to do this as we have enjoyed helping over the last few months, and its been great to meet so many people, but thank you so much for the incredibly kind gesture.


Thank You To All Volunteers!

Thank You To All Volunteers!

Public Meeting – Stop The Incinerator

WisBEACH Day 2019

WisBEACH Day 2019

Eggcellent Easter Fun Day(s)

Eggcellent Easter Fun Day(s)

Well, I’ve spent a wonderful weekend with friends and colleagues delivering the Eggcellent Easter Fun Day on Saturday and Sunday for over a thousand happy people.

Families poured into Wisbech Castle for the hugely successful event, themed on Alice In Wonderland and featuring so many things for families and kids to enjoy together.

Almost everything was delivered free to local people, thanks to our spectacular Wisbech Castle Working Party team of volunteers.

The weather was incredible, loads of people turned out and everybody seemed to have a really nice time.  Many came back for both days!

Wisbech Castle and its team going from strength to strength.

In Character … Dave Topgood as The Mad Hatter, Samantha Hoy as the Easter Bunny, Brenda Barber as the Queen of Hearts, Cameron Fraser as Pikachu, Joe Tierney as the White Rabbit, Jamie Edwards as The Wisbech Giant, Abi Wallwork as Alice.  Also thanks to all the many other volunteers who helped out to deliver this brilliant event.

Wisbech play area improvements

December 10, 2018

Wisbech play area improvements

Children and families in Wisbech are benefitting from new play equipment following more than £30,000 of investment in three of the town’s play areas.

Fenland District Council has delivered a number of improvements in Wisbech Park, and play areas in Jasmin Close and Burcroft Road, with new equipment installed to offer more activities for a wider range of children to enjoy.

The programme of works was developed in collaboration with Wisbech Town Council and funded by Section 106 monies given to Fenland as part of planning agreements.

The improvements include a new play frame at Jasmin Close play area, a new see-saw and swing at Burcroft Road play area and a new zip wire, play equipment and back board for the Multi-Use Games Area (MUGA) at Wisbech Park.

Cllr Peter Murphy, Fenland District Council’s Portfolio Holder for Parks and Open Spaces,said: “The Section 106 funding allows something to be given back to the local community
and provides some great additions to the existing play facilities in the area. I hope children enjoy playing with them for years to come.”

A Wisbech Town Council spokesman said: “The Town Council is really pleased to see these improvements to the play area provision in various areas of the town; they meet an identified
need. This situation has been achieved as result of a positive collaborative approach involving the District Council and the Town Council.

The Town Council hopes that the improved and new play facilities will be enjoyed and that there will be further opportunities for such partnership working between the two councils in the future.

Rock Festival Wash Up

Rock Festival Wash Up

I know, I know.  Every year I write up the Rock Festival and talk about how hard work it was but how well it went.  That’s because it is always hard work and it does always seem to go pretty well.  And when a small group of people work so hard to put something great on for our town its worth talking about, I think, even if its a bit repetitive.

Wisbech Town Council aspire to do our events a little bit better each year.  We watch what works and build on it.  We watch what doesn’t work so well and enact plans to prevent or reduce that problem the following year.  This means that each year things run a little more smoothly.  But there’s no getting around the sheer volume of the work.

The whole thing takes several months of meetings, planning and organisation to get set.  Then the actual setup of the event begins on the Saturday night, when Councillors and volunteers meet up to get some of the early work done in time for the morning; getting dozens of safety barriers to the park, moving the gazebos ready to be set up in the morning (harder work than you might think, these things are heavy and they have weights to hold them down that are heavier.)

Then people arrive early in the morning on the Sunday to begin putting everything in place.  There’s a lot to organise.  Barriers, first aid tent, stage, traders area, litter bins, portaloos and toilets.  All the volunteer stewards are briefed on safety procedures and “what to do’s” in the event of various possible issues.

Once the event begins, stewards (who have already been working for four hours at that point) then have to spend some nine hours keeping on top of things.  Constantly picking up litter (otherwise it accumulates in a grim way and the place looks like a bomb has hit it), helping reunite lost children with worried parents, unblocking toilets, diffusing any potential disputes between individuals, handing out free water to people if there is a worry that the heat might be a problem, directing people to things, dealing with first aid issues and generally keeping the event running safety and smoothly.   The park is split into three “stages” and so stewards are walking all around the park all day, which was in blistering heat this year.

At all times stewards must be upbeat, friendly and happy – because grumpy, hot, tired angry stewards do not add to a successful party atmosphere.  Often, as the day wears on and feet start to ache and sunburn gets sore and you’ve just taken your twenty-ninth binbag of rubbish to the skip, remaining positive and smiley can be a little challenging, but our stewards manage it because it really is fun to know you are delivering fun for others.

When the day ends for everybody else, stewards still have three more hours “clearing up” to do.  Putting back all those metal barriers and gazebos and weights, clearing all the rest of the litter, loading it all into vans and getting it back into storage.  Everybody is shattered by the end.

I think most people know this but I do think its worth stressing that every single one of our stewards, whether they are Councillors or friends, are all volunteers.  Nobody gets paid a penny.  It is not part of anybody’s “job.”  They turn up and give their time and energy for free, to deliver this event to people who love it.

In my opinion, this year was probably the best ever Rock Festival.  It’s true that there was a fight at the Dance Stage, brought about by some inter-family drama and (I suspect) the use of alcohol and substances some of them brought with them.  But it was handled smoothly by stewards and the Police and did not detract from the overall event – in fact most people didn’t know it had happened at all.   It is not possible for any event to have zero incidents, the mark of good organisation is the correct handling of the situation.  David Oliver’s team and the stewards went precisely by the book and the scuffle was contained and diffused.

Councillors David and Jess Oliver handle safety for the whole event and were brilliant.

Cllr Garry Tibbs, who compered the whole event, has pretty much secured the role forever.  He just has a Rock n’ Roll voice :)  But despite his new celebrity, he was still litter picking and loading with the rest of us lowly steward minions. :) :)

Gary Read and his sound team are always awesome and this was particularly true this year – I don’t think I’ve ever heard Rock Festival sound so good.

All the many Councillors and volunteers worked their socks off.   I wont name them all because I will forget some but I would like to mention Trevor Ketteringham (always tireless and hard-working) and Cllr. Andrew Lynn and most particularly David Gutteridge (The Viking) whose new First Aid qualification was put to good use and who worked so hard at the Dance Stage for most of the day.

Obviously – huge thanks to all the acts on all three stages who entertained so many people for so long.

The stalls and fair were great.

The Mayor, Cllr Peter Human, and his family were absolute troopers.  Despite having to make a long, hot Mayoral appearance, he was still there in the dark at the end loading things into vans.

My Mum and Stepdad and my Son Joe were just great.

Our Town Clerk Terry, and Susanah Farmer, were also there for the entire event working above and beyond the call of duty.

But most of all my hat goes off to Cllr. Sam Hoy who is the lead person and main organiser of the event and who, once again, with the help of all the people I have named and probably quite a few I forgot to name (sorry!) delivered an incredible success.

JOB VACANCY, Wisbech Town Council

JOB VACANCY, Wisbech Town Council

Council Officers

Assets Supervisor – vacancy posted 3 August 2018 – closing date 17 August 2018

Closing date for applications 5pm 17 August 2018.

Are you:

  • Friendly? Customer-focussed?
  • Interested in your local community?
  • Outdoorsy? Practical?
  • Able to use a computer and social media?

If so, we may have just the job for you –

Assets Supervisor at Wisbech Town Council


  • Responsible for the day-to-day operational delivery of Wisbech Town Council market and allotment facilities by managing and delivering cost-effective, customer-focused provision.
  • Ensuring that effective mechanisms are in place so that these services are delivered in a safe and efficient manner.
  • Oversee the fabric of council assets.
  • Develop high-quality relationships with traders, allotment tenants and service users and act as ambassador for Wisbech Town Council.

20 hours/week (job share considered) £17,681-£18,672 (pro-rata)

For a full job description and person specification please see the Wisbech Town Council website or contact the council office.

Closing date for applications 5pm 17 August 2018.

Please see below for full job description, person specification and application form.

Completed application forms can be submitted by post or email –

Wisbech Town Council, 1 North Brink, Wisbech PE13 1JR

Introducing Councillor Ben Prest

Introducing Councillor Ben Prest

After a month or more of hard campaigning, the Conservative candidate Ben Prest was elected tonight to represent the Kirkgate Ward on Wisbech Town Council.  At Nineteen years of age, I believe that makes him quite possibly the youngest Town Councillor ever elected in Wisbech?

Ben is a bright, eloquent and charming young man and I think he will be a fantastic Councillor.

The victory belongs to Ben, but he was helped by the local Conservative team who worked hard to make sure this young man had every chance.

Ben won with enough votes to beat both the other candidates put together, which, for a young man in his first ever election, is quite a feat.  Somebody said it was “youth versus experience”, which I don’t think was quite right (some sorts of experience are not particularly welcome).  I think that being a fresh face, an earnest and genuine young man, and being a true local candidate were probably the deciding factors.  People seem to prefer candidates who live where they live, or at least very close.  But whatever it was, Ben won very clearly.  Congratulations to him.

Vote For Ben – 7th May

Vote For Ben – 7th May