Christmas Lights

Christmas Lights

There’s no need for me to write much about the triumphant Wisbech Christmas Lights Switch On event, since the news about it is everywhere.  And for the first time ever there don’t appear to be any naysayers!

It was a stonking great event, full of excitement and fun.  Fifteen hundred or so people turned out to pack the market square from wall to wall.  To say it was rammed would be an understatement, but everybody was in a fine festive mood and the crowd seemed to have a brilliant time.

Such a lot of people came and joined in.  I saw Dean Reeves and his Wisbech Labour crew (including Cllr. Reg Mee and his band, of course), the We Are Wisbech Folk, virtually  every Conservative in the town, various Wisbech Oh Dear! contributors, Newton and Leverington and Tydd St. Giles Parish Councillors, Aigers (the landlord of the Angel) with a huge team of Eastern European volunteers (darn those Eastern Europeans, coming over here and helping us run our festivals!) and dozens of voluntary and charity group members.  Not to mention hundreds of Wisbech families and their excited (and well behaved!) children.  And let’s not forget all the schools whose pupils performed on the stage and did them (and the town) proud with their talent and enthusiasm.

I have to admit to being quite nervous that my little panto was going to be performed.  I know that if it hadn’t worked then I’d never have heard the end of it.  So when I heard the kids all joining in, people laughing at the Christmas Cracker jokes and could feel the excitement building it was a great relief.  It worked.  (Thank you Snow White Panto people, for delivering it so well.  And thank you Mr Bear, for being such a great MC.)

The Festivals Committee have delivered another successful event for the town.  The committee included Wisbech Town Councillors (and their families), Angie and the Tinfish company team, the Lions and a bunch of other dedicated volunteers.  Local businesses including all the supermarkets chipped in to help.  Many hours of work and discussion paid off with an event to remember.  Particular note should go to Angie (Tinfish), the Mayor Cllr. Samantha Hoy, the Deputy Clerk Susannah Farmer and the Town Council leader Cllr. David Oliver and his daughter.  These people led the rest of us humble volunteers and without them this event would not have happened.  That said, without the rest of the team and indeed the mighty crowd it wouldn’t have happened either. Let’s call it a team effort and all be proud!

As ever, there were some people who did nothing at all and couldn’t be bothered to turn up to help.  People who are happy to run the town and the council down whenever they can, but have no interest in doing any work to make it better.  They were the same people they always are and I won’t name them again.  Not least because they’ll probably report me to the Standards Committee if I do.  Never mind that, as ever, it’s true.  They aren’t Conservatives or Labour, I’ll say that much.  You Know Who They Are.

Merry Christmas!