Completely coincidentally

Completely coincidentally

At Wisbech Town Council tonight, Dave Patrick, some UKIP supporters and a couple of the people from the Hatefest forum came to Wisbech Town Council.

Completely coincidentally, the editor of the Wisbech Standard also came along to video the whole thing (even though he almost never turns up to WTC Meetings.)

They had prepared banners saying unpleasant things about me. They used the public speaking section of the meeting to personally attack me, and they did so with prepared statements. Although they were members of a political activist group, they posed as “members of the public”. John Elworthy took every opportunity to take pictures and record.

Once that portion of the meeting was over John Elworthy left promptly along with some of them.

It was the culmination of the character assassination that I believe John Elworthy, Dave Patrick and others put into action at the beginning of the year.

The primary argument they made was that the Council was “too political” while they stood there with their political group, alongside their convenient politically active Editor, and carried out a sustained and particularly nasty attack on me.

I expect the whole purpose of this was for John Elworthy to run a headline in his newspaper this week which will claim that -rather than being an organised group of haters – they were “random members of the public.”

Bob Doughty – who I was surprised about given that I have put myself out to help him in the past – called on me to consider my position and resign as a Councillor and as Deputy Mayor.

I know that all of this was politically motivated. I know it was organised and deliberate. I know the aim is to make me feel so bad that I give up, so that their favourite candidate gets an easy win in May and so that a well-known local Conservative gets knocked down.

I know all this. But sitting through a sustained character assassination in a public meeting, where politically-motivated individuals are allowed to say horrible stuff about you in front of your friends,colleagues and family, is very difficult even if you are as thick skinned as me.

There is no way for me to win this. The newspaper will continue to pretend this group of haters are “the general public” and the Editor will continue his endless array of tweeted and newspaper attacks.

I don’t like to let them win. But just now I really don’t know if I want to continue putting up with these lies, this spin,and this media campaign led by the Editor of the leading local newspaper. I have given thousands of hours to the Town and I have worked relentlessly for Wisbech,because I love the town. But I have not felt “bullied” since I was a child and what happened tonight was something I would not wish on anybody.

Their aim was to isolate, focus on and attack me. To upset me, to upset my family and to trash my reputation. They have managed to do so. I am sure they are very pleased about it. Well done John Elworthy. Well done Dave. Well done Sharon. You have achieved your aims.