My Business

My Business

Recently, a few political opponents have begun trying to spread a new rumour.  It’s fairly common for underhand tactics like this to be used – once you start a rumour you can disown yourself from it and it will run and run.  I’m a fan of truth, so I’ll clarify here.  But honestly, I don’t much care what anybody thinks, as long as I can pay my bills :)

I’ve never been somebody who wanted to chase a “career” as such.  I admire people who do so, but it’s not for me.  I like to try different things, I like to have fun and enjoy my work.  I like a bit of adventure.  So my employment history is quite unusual and to some people it probably seems downright strange.

I have spent my life doing different things.  I’ve worked for other people from time to time, but mostly I’ve worked for myself.  I set up businesses, run with ideas, then move on when I get bored or circumstances change.  I’ve done this my whole life and in that time I have never claimed benefits, I’ve never been out of full-time work and i’ve paid my own way and looked after my family.

The rumour being put around is that I have “had a lot of businesses which have failed.”  This is a lie.  I have never been bankrupt or had a business go bust in my whole life.  I’ve closed businesses down when I’ve made a decision to do so for different reasons, but the business has always been solvent, I’ve never left any bad debts or failed to pay creditors and I’ve always made sure staff are properly compensated where applicable.

I know that for some people it is hard to understand that somebody might want to work for fun as well as money, but I do.  I’m always looking for new interesting business ideas and I often give things a shot.  Sometimes they do well, sometimes they don’t – but anything I try is funded by my own money.  I’m aware that I am very lucky to be able to pick and choose my employment and business ideas and I’ve had a lot of fun over the years doing it, but it is me that pays for the things I try and it is me that takes the associated risks.  That’s the nature of entrepreneurialism.

Recently an opponent said “Madhouse has failed, Number 10 has failed, and your trophy business never got off the ground.”  It’s fascinating to be stalked by the opposition, but I wish if they were going to stalk me they would at least try and do their homework.  My business Madhouse is still running and profitable.  My “trophy business” is in fact an extension of my engraving company, which is also still running just fine thanks.  Number 10 was my mother’s business, which I joined as a partner just because I thought it would be fun.  And it was fun.  But when my Mother decided after a couple of years that she had enough, I’m not a caterer and I had no interest in continuing alone.  When the business closed it remained in the black and all bills were settled in the proper and timely way.  If every business was run like that I think the business world would be a lot less bumpy.

So once again – I have never had a business go bust, never left anybody owed any money and given employment and good service in many ways to many people over many years.  Whether i’ve had “failed” businesses I suppose depends on your understanding of the word “fail.”  I’ve been able to pay my mortgage, buy groceries, take my family on holiday and support local causes, while simultaneously having a lot of fun.  I’m not super rich, but then I’ve never really felt driven to try to be.  I just want to feel like I’m doing something I enjoy and able to support those who depend on me.  I consider that a success.