Fun Times Ahead

Fun Times Ahead

As has been mentioned elsewhere, the 2019 Election Campaign seems to have begun early.

The usual old tricks from the usual suspects are all out there; character assassination, general nastiness, name-calling, false claims of wrong-doing.  Petitions “demanding” things that are already happening, so that they can then pretend they “saved the day.”  Par for the course.  Nothing new here.

But this time around there appears to be a new tactic being used.

Claims to victimhood.  Here we have people who have literally spent the last couple of years making personal remarks, attacks and telling outright lies, suddenly attempting to portray themselves as “victims.”  People claiming to have been “personally attacked” even though they have barely even been mentioned and certainly not in any “personal” way.


Well, it’s reverse psychology, of course.  Not particularly developed or considered reverse psychology, but reverse psychology nonetheless.  It’s like the schoolyard bully who is caught out and then says “no, no!  It was them who bullied me” while wiping the blood quickly from his knuckles.

Will it work?

I doubt it.  It was possible in the old days for them to get away with it.  There wasn’t several years of clear evidence stacked up to prove them liars.  But things are different now and that’s why these cowards have an ever-shrinking base of support.  As i’ve always said, the truth is out there and given enough time people do find it.

I have also noticed as increased attempt to “lure” folks into saying or doing something that can then be complained about.  So they will make some claim that somebody is “scared” of somebody else, in the hope that the person in question will respond in a way that could get them in trouble with the Conduct Committee.  It’s all about headlines and narratives and this is an attempt to get some steam under the forthcoming campaign of negativity they are planning.  It’s the same thing they do every time.  It’s not worked before, so I don’t know why they think it will work this time, but God bless them for being predictable, at least.

Just imagine if, one time, people campaigned on actual issues and policies?  Discussed opposing views on how to solve problems logically and respectfully.  Wouldn’t that be nice?  We can but dream.