Good For You, Sam

Good For You, Sam

I saw the details of my friend and colleague Sam Hoy’s conduct complain reached the newspaper this week.

In my opinion (and the whole of this post is just my opinion,) Sam Hoy is the hero of the piece, and I know the local people who are affected by the situation in question agree with that.  Because it would be easy for a Councillor to bow out of a neighbour’s dispute, where one person is allegedly bullying their vulnerable neighbours.  It would be easy to think “this is too difficult,” or “this person might make my life difficult if I get involved.”  That’s what a poor or cowardly Councillor would do.

Sam Hoy doesn’t do any such thing.  When she is asked for help, she helps.  When the vulnerable need a defender, she defends them.

The Conduct Complaint system is occasionally abused by people.  Abused to lay false claims for political gain, to smear a Councillor’s name, or just for revenge by petty small-minded cowards who think its a great way to “get even.”  Most of the time, the system works well and throws such darkly motivated complaints out.  Although the Conduct Committee itself has very few significant sanctions, that’s not why the complaints are made.  They are made in the hope the press will pick them up and damage reputations.  And that does sometimes happen.

In this case, I think the report pretty fair.  I very much hope the conduct committee throw out the complaint as this is the sort of Councillor we should be cheering from the rafters.  One who isn’t afraid to do the job she was elected to do and doesn’t run away even when she is becoming the victim of pretty unpleasant abuse from the usual nasty spiteful suspects.

If the Haters who are using this opportunity to pour very personal abuse on the poor lady think they are scoring tawdry points, they are wrong.  She will emerge, rightly, as exactly what she is.  A fine Councillor who wont be bullied into silence.  Good for you, Sam.