Haley Close Litter Pick

Haley Close Litter Pick

On Facebook a young lady contacted me with a number of concerns about her local area.  Although she had a number of worries, chief amongst them was a severe litter problem, particularly with broken bits of glass and sharp pieces.  Since she had young children she was concerned about that above other issues.

I pointed her first towards her local Councillor – as you do – advising her that District Councillor would be the first port of call.  It turned out that she lived in Waterlees and the Bucknors were here local Councillors.  I would have loved to make a political point here, but these things are unhelpful when trying to help local people who aren’t into the “politics” of it all, so I avoided that and simply advised that she give them a call.  She then said she already had, and had been unhappy with their response.  Apparently, in regards to litter, they’d gotten a new litter bin installed.

Well it’s quite logical isn’t it?  If there’s a litter problem, get a litter bin.  I expect that back when it was reported the Bucknors probably got Fenland to clean it up too.  But some time passes and sometimes things get messy again.

What worried me was that the young lady said she had: “Given up on her local Council” because she didn’t think they “listened to her.”  At this point a number of other people had pitched into the comment thread and there was an air of doom and gloom and “nothing can be done.”

So I offered to meet them all there and litter pick it with them.  It’s a temporary solution, no doubt.  Litter comes back.  But if you just presume everything is somebody else’s job or that nothing can ever get better than it is a self-fulfilling prophecy and nothing ever does get better.  Today at 1PM I turned up at Kaley Close in Waterlees at the agreed time and the agreed place, looking forward to meeting people for a bit of a voluntary litter pick.  Nobody came.

Never mind.  I did it myself.

I bought some good gloves and some special “sharps” bags and cleared all the glass and sharp stuff I could find. Then I went all the way around Haley Close picking generic litter, also the alley along the back of Haley Close and the alley that runs down to the school. With a few more people and a bit more equipment I could have gotten more done, but I was quite pleased with the end results even on my own.

20140319_130959 20140319_131602
Before and after.

20140319_130929 20140319_133805
The main road area wasn’t too bad, but there was a lot in the gutters. Particularly lots of fag ends and little bits of sharp broken plastic. The fag ends went on forever, but I did what I could.

20140319_131747 20140319_132201
The alleyway was tricky because there was a lot of old litter lurking in the weeds along the left hand side and it was mixed in with a LOT of dog poo. The Pet Detective in me would guess that this was probably all the same dog, given that those giant mounds must come from one helluva big animal. or a horse.  I did what I could.
(Before – Left, After – Right.)

Before (Above), After (Below)

And finally. Ta da! Six blue bags full of rubbish, with the sharp stuff securely stored and safe.

Despite all this, the litter will (of course) return.  Waterlees need to get a few local people to join Wisbech Street Pride and then bring them into some of these areas.   It’s amazing how quickly mess can be cleared up if somebody is willing to – you know – clear it up.