Help! Help! UKIP Are Coming To Get Me.

Help! Help! UKIP Are Coming To Get Me.

When I said I’d heard that I was considered “Fenland UKIP Enemy Number 1” on Twitter, my good pal UKIP Councillor Alan Lay included it in his “complaint” against me.  He said I was “self-appointing as to my status within the Fenland political horizon.”  Well thanks to a kind friend from my old hunting grounds sending me some interesting screenshots, I have come across some evidence of this status which I think might clarify matters a little for him.

I’d like to demonstrate what sort of people these ‘Kippers are.  I’m going to do so by publishing some screenshots which have been snapped directly from the main UKIP Members-only discussion board for the United Kingdom.

UKIP apparently have an entire thread on their national message board, just dedicated to moi!  Ouch.  I must have really tweaked their tail.  My heart bleeds.

In each case click on the image to read it in a larger size.

So, it starts reasonably enough.  They call me some names, which is no biggie.  You’ll notice they don’t challenge any of the things I say, they just throw some insults.  Kinda common for opponents, this tactic.


In response to the question “do we have anyone in the area who can take him down a peg or two” they come up with Alan Lay’s name.  At which point the originator of the thread asks if he is “any good” which rather seems to suggest they don’t have a lot of confidence in their people.  Their criteria for deciding he is good is that he “hasn’t said something bad in the media” yet.  High praise indeed, apparently.


At this point one of them, “Col” says some quite pleasant stuff about me.  Thanks Col.  Nice to know there are decent folk in your number.  And then they have a bit of a chuckle over the fact that I lost the election.  No problem there, who wouldn’t enjoy winning for their party?  They even worry that Alan Lay might not be doing his job and so is leaving himself open to easy criticism.


But this “FoRooz” fellow isn’t happy with that.  He started the thread to call for a co-ordinated UKIP way to deal with me in order to “bring me down a peg or two” and he isn’t having any of Col’s nice guy stuff.  Instead, he says that he wants to “break my spirit.”   He’s absolutely terrifying as an anonymous username on a password-protected forum.  I have no idea how I’m going to sleep at night.  :)

Thereafter, they bemoan the fact that my website work is more professional than their own.  No wonder they want to “get me”, huh? : )  But then they come to the conclusion that it must be because of “all that Tory money.”  Apparently, my website is better than theirs because some rich folk: “give me loads of Tory cash.”  (Hah!  Tory cash.  That’d be nice!  When will the first cheque arrive?)  I put my own time and money into my party, my community and local politics because I believe that I can make some small difference in the world by my efforts.  I also use my real name and do my criticising and ranting in public, where I can be challenged.  Because I am not a coward.


Finally, Col, the Good Cop to a room full of Bad Cops decides that I need to be recruited and says some more nice stuff.  Apparently I’m not “incompetent” – just a “victim of my national party.”  Good to know UKIP think I’m competent.  Well, the nice one anyway.  I don’t see myself as a victim of anybody.  I don’t aspire to victimhood at all, not even with this post about your silly thread – as you’ll see in my conclusion.  UKIP have attempted to recruit me on numerous occasions because they perceive that in some policy areas we share some common ground.  That’s as may be, but where we share no common ground is that I don’t like drama queen populists who think stirring up negative emotions is a substitute for logical, sensible policy proposals.   And I HATE bullies.  Which is why, when a ‘Kipper suggested I join them on Twitter the other day, my response was: “I’d rather eat all of my own limbs.”


I found it all quite illuminating.  But UKIP need to understand one very simple thing.  It may well be possible to “break my spirit” – but it’d be because something terrible happened to somebody I care about, or to the town I call home.  Not because some Bigwig Ukipper sets their mates on me (figuratively, or otherwise.)   I am not intimidated by you and I never will be.  My address is 6 Alexandra Road, Wisbech PE13 1HQ.  Easily found.

Logo from the “Bloggers for UKIP” website

*Not you, Col.  You seem okay.

** Oddly, when Martin Curtis (leader of Cambs County Council) took a similar combative approach to UKIP suggesting he wanted to “hurt Gillick personally” or somesuch after the “Children in care are takers” nasty comment, he was roundly attacked by UKIP for it.  They were mighty offended and demanded an apology, which Martin was quick to give, because he is a gentleman.  Well, don’t worry ‘Kippers.  I wont demand an apology.  You didn’t offend me, you just made me feel a bit sorry for you all.  In some ways it was quite neat, to be the only Conservative Councillor in the whole country to be singled-out in this way on your national secretive discussion board.  Apparently you hate the Prime Minister, the Chancellor, and me.  :)    You know what they say.  Haters gonna hate.

***  Interesting that there is a group of ‘Kippers who call for a special attack to deal with me and name Alan Lay as their man to do it, at the same time that there is a Standards Committee complaint raised by Alan Lay against me.  You’d almost think the two might be related. :)  But actually, the dates don’t work for that.  Must be coincidence.