Letter From Kansas

Letter From Kansas

Last year, you may remember, I took the opportunity to propose a motion (well, revise a motion) to Town Council that we hold a minute’s silence each year for the people who had died that year.  That during the Christmas meeting, we list some of those who had died that year who were famous, but also remembered those who weren’t famous in the media but who had been lost to their friends and family.  I thought it a nice idea at the time and it was unanimously approved by all members of the council.  Since then I’ve had dozens of letters and emails of support for the motion.

But one particular letter has come all the way from Kansas.  It’s nice to know that the decisions we take at council here in Wisbech are noticed on the other side of the world and appreciated.  I thought the letter was quite touching and I’d like to share it with you.  The only thing I’ve changed is some of the Americanised spellings. :)

Dear Steve and the Honourable Town Councillors of Wisbech,

I read of your kindness shown those who left us in 2013 by a minute’s silence at the beginning of your last session of 2013.  I was more than surprised by this gesture!  Patti Page is my aunt and I will say that it has been a hard year for her Fowler family (Patti Page was born Clara Ann Fowler).

She was a very kind person and extremely modest!  I have been collecting/archiving her recordings and memorabilia since I was seven years old and over the past year I have spent countless hours researching her “sales.”   Sadly, she left us thinking she had 14 gold singles and 3 gold albums.  In my research I feel the total is closer to 28 gold records and maybe 5 gold albums.  That being said, when we talked over the past three years she was always so pleased that the UK was releasing CD after CD set of her recordings that were not being released here in the States due to ridiculous standards and exorbitant royalty payments that she agreed were probably not coming her way, in the first place.

“I know I am not getting a dime from what is being released overseas,” she said, “but at least someone over there knows who I am!”

Why am I telling you all this, I found it so thoughtful that you would remember, not just Aunt Patti, but other kind folks that left us in 2013.  It is because of a simple act that you have shown, it makes our job of creating a Patti Page legacy a bit easier and it was appreciated by her family here in Kansas.  So from the bottom of my heart, thank you for remembering the wonderful people who made an impact on lives past and present!

Very Sincerely Yours,

Tim Akers

Nice, huh?