A few times recently I’ve had people say I “love foreigners.” I think its quite an interesting comment and one that says something about our world that they would think this is an insult.

But I disagree with the analysis.

I think that I just try and treat everybody the same. I believe in innocence until proven guilty. I believe that there are two sides to every story. And I believe that most people are inherently decent, and a minority of people are not. But that minority, in every nation and group, is often treated as though they are representative of the whole group.

This is something we all hate when it is done to us.

If a woman says “all Men are rapists”, the vast majority of decent men are horrified. If a Man says: “All women are docile” (somebody really did say this today!) the many fiery and confident women can’t believe what they are hearing. If a French person says: “All English are hooligans” the very many English who are not that way inclined feel aggrieved. If an older person says: “Young people are all disrespectful” the many polite young people are offended.

So to a person who just plain hates anybody who isn’t from our country, somebody who tries to treat everybody the same appears to “love them.”

In fact – when somebody acts illegally or harmfully I’ll condemn them wherever they are from, whatever language they speak and whatever Gods their worship.

What I wont do is join in a witchhunt based on a scare story and a pack of lies – something we’ve seen happen and then unravel quite a few times on Facebook, in public and in the local media.

But please be assured that in the same way I wont join a witchhunt against a foreign person, neither would I join one against an English person. Because any of us can find ourselves “the minority” in the right situation. And when that happens to you, God forbid, you will be glad that not everybody buys immediately into it.