Medworth Ward

Medworth Ward

Medworth Ward, which I am presently the District Councillor for, is a very interesting District Ward for a number of reasons.  It contains the whole of the Town Centre and the Horsefair Shopping Centre as well as other shopping areas such as Hill Street, Norfolk Street and Market Street.

It contains virtually the entire Industrial Area.  It contains both of our cinemas, the Luxe and the Light.  The Angles Theatre is here, as is the new Tesco development, the original retail park, and the massive new retail park that was the old Tesco development.

The main Post Office is in Medworth, as is the Fenland District Council “One Stop Shop” and the Tourist Information site.  It features the Crescent, the Church of St. Peter & St Paul, the Town Library and several of the town’s excellent museums.

It is the location of the town’s two giant free car parks, it’s bus station, it’s taxi rank and some of its largest night spots and pubs, covering most of what could be considered the “night time economy” in the Town; from the Wetherspoons to The Angel and beyond.  This includes all the main chain restaurants such as McDonalds, Kentucky Fried Chicken, Burger King, Costa, Frankie & Bennies, Giraffe and the forthcoming Prezzos.

It contains the half of the river Nene and the main trunk road into town, as well as the main bypass to avoid going through the town, for those foolish people who don’t find the time to visit. :)

There are schools, retirement homes and the Ferry Project, which helps homeless people get into secure accommodation and turn their lives around.

It features the Cold Store and it is the location of almost all of the new developments included in the “master plan”; the new railway link, the new trunk road, the new industrial complex and the new housing estate.

But it also includes some of the most “out of the way” places in Wisbech, including a number of remote lanes leading from the A47 into the countryside, and some large tracts of farmland and countryside, and some hidden gem businesses out in the wilds.

There are three main residential areas in Medworth.   The area around the Town Centre including Alexandra Road, West Street, Norfolk Street and others.  The large residential area around Queens Road.  And the new residential areas along the river’s South Brink including the Malt Drive area and the even newer Abraham Drive area.  These areas are home to a diverse mix of people.  Possible the most diverse mix in the whole of the Wisbech.

So Medworth is a place where thousands of people live, work and play.  It is the most key tourist location.  It is the most diverse area.  It is the nexus of most of the industrial employment for the town as well as most of its retail, entertainment and commerce.  It’s also the location of a huge portion of the planned future growth of the town.  For this reason I consider Medworth to be the beating heart of Wisbech and I’m proud to be its representative at District Council.