Military Opt-Out

Military Opt-Out

This from the Telegraph:

British taxpayers should be allowed to opt out of funding the Army, Jeremy Corbyn once proposed in an idea former generals have called “stark-starring bonkers”.

The Labour leadership front-runner suggested voters should be able to act with their “conscience” and order the Treasury not spend their tax money on soldiers.

Britain’s leading former generals warned the “corrosive” idea could undermine public support for soldiers and was “absolutely ludicrous”.

It has emerged after Mr Corbyn triggered a backlash by saying he “couldn’t think” of a situation in which he would deploy troops.

Interesting stuff.

Putting aside the sheer lunacy of leaving us undefended against external threats, Corbyn’s idea opens all sorts of avenues.  He appears to be making the case for “conscience based taxation” and its intriguing.  Let’s take his idea a stage further.  If people are able to withhold a portion of their taxes because their conscience doesn’t allow them to support the Armed Forces, then that suggests that taxes should not be forced on people who don’t agree with the tax’s purpose in good conscience.

So what about people who don’t agree with welfare payments in good conscience?  What about people who don’t agree with the Police?  What about people who don’t support the NHS and the BBC.  What about people who don’t support the Climate Change Act and don’t want to see money thrown at wind farms and solar panels?

Jeremy, looney leftie that he appears to be, probably believes such people don’t exist.  But of course they do.  Every policy you can think of, every organisation, every reason for taxation will have people who don’t support them in good conscience.  You and I may not agree with them, but they are out there.

What about people who don’t support taxation at all – in good conscience?  Anarchists and hardline Libertarians and the like?  Plenty of them out there.

Imagine your Council tax bill comes, but instead of a fixed amount it has a load of selections.  Each selection has a description of what it is for and a box so you can indicate how much tax you want, in good conscience, to pay for it.  This is a truly revolutionary idea, comrade Corbyn.

Do you see where it leads?