My Crazy Run

My Crazy Run

On Sunday September 18th I intend to try and run to March and back.

I’m doing it for three reasons.  The first is that I will ask for sponsors to raise money for the Mayor’s Charity Fund.  I feel it is the least I can do to support the Mayor, my friend Cllr. Garry Tibbs, in his efforts to raise cash for good causes.  The second reason is that I have begun to try and get back into shape and its a worthy target to aim for.  The final reason is that nobody seems to think I can do it.

I was not always a fatty.  In my time I have been a Martial Arts Instructor, a competitive Martial Arts fighter, a 100m runner with a respectable time, an amateur bodybuilder.  Recently, a health scare has made me painfully aware that I need to get back in shape and stop with the excuses of being too busy.  When people tell me they don’t believe I can do something, it makes me more determined to do it.

So, on that Sunday in September I intend to “run” to March and back.  It’s around 24 Miles I think.  Yes, it’s a lot.

I am not setting any “time limits” on it, except that it must be done in one continuous exercise within the same day.  So, I start and finish on Sunday, however long it takes.

Now I don’t want to lie.  When I say “run” what I really mean is run as much as I can, then walk, then run again, then walk again and probably eventually crawl until I collapse :)  But I will start at the Town Council chambers and I will run to the top of March High Street.  I have not yet decided the route, but will do so in due course.  Then I will turn around and run/walk/crawl back again.  Or, at least, that’s the intention.

Before anybody moans at me – yes, I will take all necessary precautions in regards to safety, my health etc.  Yes, I will get checked by a Doctor before I do it.  Yes, I will make sure I have the correct fluids and nutrition.  Yes, I will be training hard from now until then in order to have some chance at doing this.  I will be asking people to sponsor me “per mile” or “overall” as they choose.

I accept that I may fail.  I accept that some will ridicule my attempt, given my present physical condition.  But I am going to give it my best shot nonetheless.  And if I don’t make it, well, at least I will have tried.