No Case To Answer, Your Honour

No Case To Answer, Your Honour

You may remember, dear reader, that there is an outstanding “case” against me being considered by officers in regards to the Standards Committee at Fenland District Council.

I have today received notification that Cllr. Alan Lay (UKIP) withdrew most of his long rambling “complaint” and chose to hone it down to just a couple of “key points” he thought were particularly strong.  Or something like that.

Anyhow, having brought his complaint into focus so that it’s merits could truly be seen, I have been informed that the Officers will not be moving this case any further forwards through the complaints procedure because the issues raised are not matters for the Complaints Procedure to address.

So that’s that.  What a waste of Officer time and taxpayer’s money, huh?

The problem with UKIP is that for years they’ve sat on the sidelines and have been able to attack the other parties in any way they like, saying anything they like.  Now they have a profile and some positions they are coming under scrutiny and find they don’t like it.  “What?  We have to DO things?  And people will be watching us and saying stuff about our choices and actions?  I had better start TALKING IN CAPS again.  That always seems to work so well.”

Suck it up, fellas.  This is politics.  You get scrutinised. It comes with the job.  The things you say and do, or don’t do, get pulled apart.  You may be getting an easy ride from some of the local media because that suits their agenda, but you won’t get an easy ride from the opposition.  (Well, except for some non-Conservative opposition who are terrified they might lose their seats to you and hope you’ll agree not to stand against them in 2015.)  So stop whining like some petulant toddler and Man Up*, if you’ll excuse the colloqualism.  Just a suggestion.

Alan Lay, Complaint rejected.

(Or *Woman Up.  We don’t do sexism here.)