On Blogging in 2020

On Blogging in 2020

You’ve probably noticed I rarely blog now.  This is due to the fact that I’ve moved my communications with the times.

When I started blogging over a decade ago it was all the rage.  I won a bunch of national awards, and had huge readership (which I probably should have capitalised on, but never really did.)

Since then the blogging community has thinned out and blogs have become outmoded.  Consequently, I’ve shifted to YouTube Channel stuff and a podcast.

In order to communicate with local people I still put out a (near) monthly newsletter, hold (near) monthly Councillor surgeries and use Facebook extensively.  But to share opinions and ideas I switched over to the [unapologetic.] podcast with some friends.  The channel is really growing well and viewers / subs are expanding at a steady rate.  We’ve actually reached the size where we could consider monetising the channel, but we aren’t going to do that yet.

In regards to my personal business and hobbies I have two further YouTube channels with podcasts to cater to those.  All this takes time and scratches my itch for such things and so the need to explore ideas / vent in this blog is no longer there.

That said – there are times when this blog is the “right” outlet and so I will keep occasionally posting here.

In the same way that blogs and old social media was the beginning of the death of old media, podcasts and video is the death of blogs.  Not completely, people will always use many methods.  But I want to move with the times because if you don’t, the times leave you behind.

But I never say never.  So maybe I’ll get the urge to write a regular blog again sometimes?  We shall see.