One Year On

One Year On

It’s a year since I was elected as the County Councillor for Wisbech West.

A year which has been filled with a lot – and I do mean a lot – of people upset about the state of the roads in and around Wisbech.

I have spent the year working my socks off, pressing for funding and services and urgent work, alongside my colleagues.  And it’s been slowly paying off, with the work accumulating.

There are still too many potholes and poor roads and pathways.  But it feels like we’re on the mend now.  Lots of works are happening or are scheduled to happen very soon.  Even the faded and missing lines that have upset many people are being repainted.

The worst area by far is Waterlees, where the roads have been so very neglected.

These roads did not get into this state magically overnight.  They fell into that state under the previous County Councillor. Luckily, this is so patently obvious that even the opposition crew who would normally try and spin it another way would struggle to convince anybody that those roads supernaturally became pothole-ridden and crumbling last May.

The infrastructure was allowed to fall to pieces  and the previous County Councillor seems to have done basically nothing about it.  Nor did the Waterlees District Councillors seem to have any issue with this, or at least I never heard them criticising his performance or the awful state of the highways there?  Perhaps I missed that.   Perhaps, because the road they live on was resurfaced – an odd thing, since it was nowhere near as bad as many other roads in the area which were left to decline – this caused them not to notice the state of most of the other roads in the area?  Who knows?

So I’ve had a lot to pick up on in my first year.  Luckily I’ve had supportive Town Councillors who have communicated issues to me well, and local people who have helped by using the online reporting system or contacting myself or the Town Councillors.   It is beginning to work and I think people can see that.  But those four years of neglect are going to take a long time to catch up on.  I will continue to push for decent roads and pathways and I hope that when my four year term comes to an end, I can hand a decent slate on to the new Councillor.  I wouldn’t want to leave them, whoever they are, with the sort of situation I inherited.