Onyx Court Car Park

Onyx Court Car Park

I had the meeting with Circle today, as discussed in the previous update.

Circle are trying to balance the competing views and interests of residents, who support permit-parking, and other residents/shoppers/businesses who value the free public car park that the area is currently used for.

As reported last week, Circle are still being very reasonable. They have rolled back from an immediate implementation of a Permit Only plan in that car park (although they will be continuing it in the other areas that they specified.)

They have looked at all information received from myself and local businesses and car park users and have monitored the car park and noticed that it is rarely full.

I found the company to be open and helpful. They have chosen to place the plan for that specific car park on hold until the end of August or into September, with a view to trying to find a compromise which will satisfy both sides and not dramatically disadvantage anybody.

So, there’s no panic in the short term, and I am reasonably confident that the outcome will be a fair balance between the needs of both groups who are interested in the future of this car park.

I will be having another chat with them towards the end of August and I know they also intend to talk to those local people who have personally objected to the proposal. I am impressed with Circle’s approach to this and I think it bodes very well for the future.