Out And About

Out And About

I’m sorry, dear reader, for my paucity of blog posts in the last ten days.  We’ve had the Wisbech Conservatives Summer Ball, my company’s big annual event the Madhouse Minicon and Rock Festival is this weekend.  On top of that I’ve had Speedwatch, Citizens Patrol, getting my latest Councillor Newsletter printed and delivered and all the normal workload things.

So I just haven’t had much time.

I’m at The Spinney tomorrow as their volunteer DJ for the Fun Day there.  This weekend I’m helping the Rock Festival from 6.30AM through till late in the evening.  On Friday I have Council meetings and then in the evening the Wisbech Medworth fundraising “Sausage and Cider” night.  There’s a stack still to get done and it’s all got to be complete before the end of next week when I’ll be flying off to Morocco for our holiday.  (We have 24-hour housesitters and dogs, and there’s nothing worth nicking anyway, so burglars beware.)  :)

It’s been a very busy year and I am looking forward to the opportunity to unwind for a while with my family.