Sound Advice

Sound Advice

As long-time readers of this old blog will know, I do occasionally like to offer sound advice to folks who might need it.  Of course, my advice is just based on personal experience and so can probably be safely ignored by those who know much better than I about such things.  But here it is, nonetheless.

Imagine you are a Councillor who occasionally gets elected mostly on the back of stoking up grievance.  And that when you occasionally win your way back onto a council you use that space to just attack everything, spew petty remarks and, in your OWN words, “try to cause problems.”  The cycle could continue forever couldn’t it?  You failing to deliver anything, for anybody, because your main reason for being there is just try and be an obstacle to everything.

But then along comes a real chance to actually deliver something decent for your area.  A real chance to make a difference.  And better still the work is already all done for you by your predecessor so its a slam dunk, all you need to do is shut up, work hard and not do anything stupid.  What could be easier?

So how – given such a simple, easy, obvious win, could you manage to completely muck it up?

Well, you could snigger cynically along with your colleagues in an attempt to score cheap vacuous political points with motions of zero value that you just hope will give you an opportunity for doing what you love – sneering.

But the trouble with putting things like this in motion is that they have consequences.  Local politics may seem like a game to you, but real people are affected by your ridiculous and petty plots.  So the thing you and your group thought was so so clever, which you didn’t even attempt to think through, comes back and bites you.  And suddenly you realise that you have really, really, really messed up.  That you have demanded answers and the answers are actually unhelpful to what you might want to achieve.  You’ve shot yourself in the foot with your infantile scheming.

Suddenly, but too late, it occurs to you that this was a really really stupid approach.

So what should somebody do in this hypothetical situation?

Well, i’d advise not getting into it in the first place.  It’s stupid.  But if you’ve gotten there then your best bet would simply be to say: “Okay, I see I messed up.  This isn’t what I intended.  Is there something we can do to resolve it?”

That would be a good approach.

What would be a bad approach? 

Blaming everybody else for your own mistake.

Trying to pretend the situation you entirely created is nothing to do with you.

Outright lying about what you have done and trying to present others as the villains when all you need to do is look in the mirror to identify the culprit.

If you genuinely care about your constituents, try to think before playing the petty political cards.  Then you might not score such spectacular own goals, at your constituents expense.

Anyway, that’s my advice, for what its worth, honestly given and earnestly presented.



Happy Days

Happy Days

I have waited for decades for a Cabinet like this in Parliament.

I am happy, excited and 100% enthused again in a way that I have not been in years.

I feel like I’ve finally got my party back. The party I grew up with. The party i’ve worked for through thick and thin.

It may be a difficult road ahead, and I sure as Hell know the Lefties and the corrupt media are going to do everything they can to sabotage – but this is a real chance for the country.

At last!

What I Think Might Happen

What I Think Might Happen

I know that nobody knows.  But in the past when I’ve guessed things that might happen I’ve gotten a fair few things right.  Of course I’ve also got some wrong.  But just for fun, this is my guess for the national political outcomes of this year and next year.

(1)  Boris Johnson will be our new Prime Minister
– Not a massively controversial statement.  It’s patently clear he’s going to win and I predict a very comfortable win.

(2)  The Press will do to Boris what the American and World Press do to Trump.
Boris is going to be played by the media and constantly attacked on every level.  He might not get it as bad as Trump does, but the huge divisions which mostly come down to attacks on the individual dressed up as attacks on policy will be very familiar.

(3)  Parliament will do everything it can to stop Brexit at the end of November and Boris will have to force it through using some method that will be called “undemocratic” but it actually the only truly democratic way to honour the Brexit vote.

At this point one of two things will happen.  Either Boris will win and we’ll leave with no deal, or Parliament will win and prevent us leaving.  Of the two I think the latter is marginally more likely.


(4)  Parliament will win by forcing a vote of no confidence in the Government and winning it, as their attempt to prevent Brexit.

(5)  We will then have a general election.  If the public blame Boris for the failure to leave then we will have a hung Parliament with Labour as the largest party and a significant representation from the Brexit Party.  If the public don’t blame Boris then we will have a hung Parliament with the Conservatives as the largest party and significantly less representation from the Brexit Party.

(5)  Labour will form a Government with the SNP, the Lib Dems, or both.

(6)  People will find out what real left-wing Government madness is like.

(7)  In America, Trump will win a second term in 2020.

Of course, things are so crazy, all this could well be completely wrong.  We shall see.

What A Weekend

What A Weekend

That’s quite a weekend I’ve just had.  Spent Saturday at Wisbech Castle running the Cafe and it was a busy one.  Then I had to rush home and pack the car with disco equipment as I provided the free disco for the FACET charity fundraising party in March.

Despite the late night working I was up early to help set up Armed Forces Day in Wisbech Market Place and then manning the Air Cadets stall with cadets and other volunteers.

In the afternoon I had the great pleasure to attend the Nine Lives Live show at Wisbech Institute.   It was an incredible, exceptionally, inspirational show.  These guys just get better and better.  I have always enjoyed their shows before, but this time my Son was part of the show with two solo songs and lots of other acting and singing parts and even some tap dancing.  My Wife and I were very proud parents.

Unfortunately, the day ended a little sadly as the Castle CCTV and a local witness saw kids trespassing into the Castle grounds.  They did some minor mischief but nothing major.  We have very clear pictures of them and know exactly who they are.  We will be alerting the Police.

The week ahead is pretty crazy.  Now that I’m a Cabinet Member at FDC its pretty “full on” with meetings almost every day this week alongside my normal jobs.  I’m enjoying it though.  I’ve long felt that Communications (a part of my new portfolio) needed a shake up and that’s precisely what I am trying to do.  Officers have been very helpful so far and I think a lot can be achieved.