Roman Bank Campaign 2014 – Gorefield And Leverington

Roman Bank Campaign 2014 – Gorefield And Leverington

Something strange happened to our campaign team today.  It started out quite small, just Samantha Clark, Stevie, Elliot and I.  But then throughout the day people kept appearing and joining us until, by the end, we were eleven strong!

We spent the morning in Gorefield, working our way down the High Street and many of the roads that lead from it.  Then we grabbed what was meant to be a quick lunch – but took nearly an hour due to the Bank Holiday business – and ducked across the A1101 to the bit of Leverington that is closest to Wisbech.  At the same time we had volunteers along Sutton Road and also in the main area of Leverington, completing the leaflet delivering to some of the roads we hadn’t reached yet.

2014-04-21 12.22.13
Signed, sealed, delivered.  She’s your Conservative Candidate.

We were lucky with the weather.  Beautiful and sunny, making the walking a pleasure.  We are close to our first complete circuit now.  All we have left to do is to get to some of the country roads that are very long with few houses on them – these get left because they require a team with a car to realistically do them.  Plus a few roads that have missed our routes so far.  But not many.  We’ll get to those before the end of the week.

2014-04-21 13.06.58
Brenda, Tony, Sam, Steve, Stevie.  In Leverington.

By next week we hope to begin circuit #2.  This means going back to all the areas we’ve already visited, canvassing people who weren’t in the first time and delivering our second leaflet.  That will then take us to the final stages of the campaign where we may or may not put out a third piece of literature, depending on whether we need to respond to anything the opposition are doing.  Frankly, they don’t appear to be doing much.  UKIP have two leaflets out, the one which just goes on about how Alan Lay “always tells the truth” and a generic “29 Million Europeans Want To Steal Your Job” type thingy.  Actually, we bumped into Alan Lay briefly today.  In the absence of custard pies and water pistols, we said: “Hello!” instead. ;)

Peatlings Lane with local friends Alina and Bob.

I have not yet encountered anybody who says they are going to vote Independent.  In fact, the only comment I’ve heard is: “What has Wisbech Town Council got to do with our village?”  It’s a fair point.  Labour and the Lib Dems don’t appear to have put out any leaflet at all yet, nor canvassed anywhere.

2014-04-21 12.22.33
You’ve got to be in it, to win it.  

Still enjoying the campaign immensely.  It’s a great team, with a great candidate.  And these are villages I love.  What’s not to like?