Short Points

Short Points

One local opposition councillor said that: “Blogging was usually done by wannabe intellectuals” or something like that.  I chuckled.  Must have hit a sore spot I guess! :)  Quite a few bloggers in the area would probably enjoy the comment.  But no hard feelings from my end. It’s just a shame some people think that name-calling and sneering is somehow a substitute for intelligent argument.  Or perhaps they just aren’t capable of intelligent argument?

Popped over to ShapeYourPlace yesterday for the first time in a while.  I was sad to see that it’s slipped down exactly the path that I always worried and warned it might.  It’s primarily populated now by a very small group of vociferous activists who just seem immensely gloomy about everything in the world, but most particularly the town in which they live.  Everything is corrupt, or incompetent, or foolish, or a waste of money, or not enough money spent, we are told.  If only the writer of each comment was given the power to set policy their “common sense” would immediately fix whatever problem is being discussed today.  Naturally you will find the usual political folk buzzing around the malcontent like flies on a roadkill  The vibrant hub of local conversation, positive ideas and communication between councils and the public that seemed briefly like it may materialise seems sadly lacking now.  Might as well just put up a sign on the landing page: “The End Of The World Is Nigh” since that seems broadly to be the view. But tucked there amongst the regular opposition types there is another handful of voices trying to widen the debate into actual ideas and discussion.  Let’s hope they prosper!  Whining and griping for political gain (or just for the sake of it) is not helpful.  Constructive criticism, engagement, suggestions, energy and actual assistance are welcome.

Elsewhere on the Wisbech Oh Dear! Facebook page – signs of something new!  Positive comments about the town amongst the naysayers.  WIsbech Oh Dear! has always been a fun read, but it did used to have a very cynical outlook.  That appears to be quietly shifting.  Thoughtful and upbeat input and a definite sign that some contributors are less willing to just believe anything they hear from the Usual Suspects.  People pointing out that the moaners might actually take a look around before their next rant about how terrible everything is.  Sure, we have problems.  Every town does.  But are these the grand, debilitating, cacophany of issues that some would have us believe?  Does nothing good ever happen?  Has the town really “Gone To The Dogs” or become the “tenth layer of Hell” (I’ve heard both comments recently, in social media.)  Might we not be exaggerating, just a little?  Unsubtle attempts by opposition activists to “bash” the Conservatives while pretending they don’t have their own political agenda are being noticed, rather than just let slide as they used to be.  It’s nice to see a home-grown social media group bucking the trend.  Long may it continue!

I enjoyed the fairly obvious attempt by the WIN crowd to claim that their handful of opportunistic flyers from a couple of years ago were instrumental in current attempts to repair the damaged buildings in town.  It couldn’t possibly have had anything to do with the multi-council high-level Wisbech2020 Project.  Oh no.  It was definitely their scrappy flyers and shrill demands wot dunnit.  :)  Or maybe it was that superduper dynamic website?  The power of HTML and photocopying knows no bounds.  Of course the work on this long predates them and the people involved are not shy in challenging them when they try and spin some of their usual misleading views.  The presentation by Cllr Simon King for Wisbech Town Council where he pointed out the fallacies in their spokespeople’s arguments being a prime case in point.  I’m sorry guys, but it takes more than some A5 posters and a website to make a campaign.  Not that you shouldn’t try!  It’s always a good idea to engage and persuade and campaign.  More power to you!  But spotting what is already going on and trying to jump on the bandwagon only fools the most gullible people – and broadly, Wisbech is a town full of very UN-gullible people.  But keep trying.  Pull the other one maybe?  It’s got bells on. :) *

Anyway, have to go do stuff!  Hopefully you haven’t found my blog post too “intellectual”  :)  Yeah, yeah, I know.  It’s about as intellectual as a kangaroo with a laser beam, hunting Zombies across a desert.  Never mind.  I’ll go with cinematic over intellectual any day of the week.  I mean, come on!  A kangaroo with a laser beam!  Who wouldn’t want to see that?

*Expect another sly Tweet, or a tirade at Town Council, about this evil blog!  How very dare I say things!  What’s the matter with me?  Communication is only allowed if the opposition does it, apparently, and must take place via a “Job Sheet” in very very tiny writing and delivered by extremely slow web page coding.  Stupidly, I was not aware of these laws. :)