Speedwatch – Elm Road

Speedwatch – Elm Road

Wisbech Town Council’s very own set of Speedwatch equipment and trained team got its first outing today.  Two hours on Elm Road and Churchill Road with the volunteers proved to be both useful and interesting.

It’s important to remember that the job of Speedwatch is not to “catch” speeders but to make people more careful and alert and encourage better driving.  In this respect it is very effective as the simple presence of the team in hi-vis jackets slows traffic down to reasonable speeds.  You still get the odd person who doesn’t care and those people get caught and recorded.

It was our first time and we were all getting the hang of it, but now we have a team of trained volunteers we expect to be out regularly.  The next one is this Friday on South Brink.

My Son wasn’t taking part, by the way.  It’s school holidays so he came out with me and just watched from a safe distance.  But he was lucky enough to get to try out the Police Speed Camera to see how it works, which he enjoyed very much.

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