Staithe UKIP Leaflet

Staithe UKIP Leaflet

I haven’t talked much about the forthcoming By-Election for the Staithe Ward on Wisbech Town Council.  There are some pretty dirty tricks being played, but I don’t think local people are paying them much attention so there’s no point highlighting them as they don’t seem to have much traction.

But I did catch the UKIP leaflet.  I thought this bit (below) was amusing.

UKIP snippet

“I will tell you what others fail to tell you – the truth.”
“Caroline Rosalie Smith, a local mother who lives in Staithe Ward.”

Here is the legal document, the Statement Of Persons Nominated.

UKIP 2 snippet

Caroline Rosalie Smith has stated her address as 2 Wilberforce Road, Wisbech PE13 2PU.

So what’s the problem?

Well, Caroline’s stated “home address” is in Wilberforce Road,  And Wilberforce Road isn’t in Staithe Ward.
It’s in Clarkson Ward.

Oh yes, Caroline.  You do always tell the truth.  No doubt about it.

Normally, election literature is approved by the candidate, but the legal responsibility for it lies with the Election Agent.  In this case the Election Agent appears to be Cllr. Alan Lay.  The same guy who then endorses Caroline Smith on the same page.

UKIP 3 snippet

You couldn’t make it up. :)

*And by the way, Alan Lay is not the County Councillor for Staithe, either.  Though I suppose he is a local County Councillor, so that’s just a little misleading rather than false.  I guess that’s because the actual local County Councillor is Samantha Hoy, and she’d be pretty unlikely to endorse Caroline Smith.

The Small Print for Election Purposes:
Printed and promoted by Steve Tierney of 6 Alexandra Road, Wisbech PE13 1HQ on behalf of Aigars Balsevics both of Cromwell House, Wisbech Road, March, PE15 8EB.