Sue Marshall’s Question (updated)

Sue Marshall’s Question

So the Chair of the local Labour Party (I think?) asked me a question on the Wisbech Discussion Forum, on Facebook.


I was surprised.  I mean – local political opponents often have debates, and we often write about them (as I do here on this blog) but we don’t usually try and carry them onto a public forum if they are personal rather than policy-based.  I don’t know what her goal was, really.  My best guess is that she either read or was told about yesterday’s blog post, which referred to the fact that the North-East Cambs Labour party appear to be overrun by Momentum types.  But I never referred to her personally in that post (although I have wondered aloud about if she was a Momentum member in Facebook discussions with her in the past.)

I wondered if this was some attempt to “play the victim.”  That mean Steve Tierney, suggesting I am something to do with Momentum when I am not!  That kind of thing.  Well I didn’t mention her, but it would be fair to say that I do personally believe she is a Momentum supporter.  She has asked me why, and since she has publicly done so, I feel justified in explaining why I might have drawn that conclusion.  A very quick web search, it took me five minutes, produced the following.

Here is Sue Marshall on Facebook, sharing a Momentum link.  Now in some cases like this you might think that having a similar view to Momentum on an issue doesn’t necessarily make you a Momentum supporter.  But this post isn’t about a generic policy issue – it’s specifically a defence of Momentum as an organisation versus the (excellent) Channel 4 expose from Monday just gone.

Here is Sue Marshall sharing a Jeremy For PM video.  Nothing wrong with that, I hear you say.   Lots of Labour supporters like Jeremy Corbyn and are not Momentum supports.  Fair point.  However, a quick look at the Momentum North East Cambs website gives some information on the Jeremy4Leader and Jeremy4PM campaigns.  This extract taken directly from the site:

Jeremy Corbyn for Labour Leader has transformed into Momentum – a network of people and organisations that will continue the energy and enthusiasm of Jeremy’s campaign.

Momentum North Cambridgeshire covers areas including Peterborough, Wisbech, March, St Ives, Huntingdon and the rural areas in between.


Okay, so in case that wasn’t enough of a smoking gun for you.  Here’s Sue Marshall sharing a “Momentum North Cambridgeshire in support of Jeremy Corbyn” post on her facebook feed.

Here she is again with the “JeremyForLabour” shares, remembering that JeremyForLabour is directly linked to Momentum as per their website information.

Here she is sharing a Morning Star article about Corbyn.  Not proof of Momentum affiliation, just interesting.  Her having previously said she wasn’t “hard left” and it being the Morning Star and all.
Here she is sharing at attack on the non-Momentum wing of the Labour party during their ongoing “civil war.”

This is the Momentum logo stitched to the Corbyn logo.  Only the bit on the right was shared by Sue Marshall, but I thought it was an interesting comparison.

Here’s Sue Marshall on Facebook asking Momentum Stevenage for some information to assist Momentum North Cambs.  Looks fairly clear at this point, but I guess could still be argued that she was only asking on behalf of somebody else?

Okay, so up until now its quite a lot of clues that Sue Marshall might be a Momentum person.  But its not conclusive.  If you were going to really stretch the imagination they could all be coincidences rather than actual proof of a connection.

But the best is yet to come.
Here is Sue Marshall on a Crowd-Sourcing website, starting a campaign to raise money for Momentum North Cambridgeshire.

Here is Sue Marshall on the actual official Momentum North Cambs Website, advertising the Momentum North Cambs Trident Meeting that she helped to organise.

And my favourite.  (Hat tip: The Viking)  Sue Marshall as an official listed Admin of the Momentum North Cambs Facebook Community.  Click on it.  It’s got a nice thumbnail pic and everything. :)

Now there is nothing at all wrong with Sue Marshall being a Momentum activist.  What political affiliations people choose is entirely up to them.  But Sue Marshall asked me, publicly, to explain why I thought she might be anything to do with Momentum.  The suggestion appearing to be that this conclusion was mad, that I was plucking it from thin air without a shred of evidence.  I hope that my brief web search has illuminated just why I and others might think Sue Marshall was something to do with Momentum locally.

Sue, if you are reading this, I hope I have adequately answered your question and would like to wish you a very fine day.


Sue Marshall continued to deny her connections to Momentum despite all of this.  Quite a few people were telling her “You’ve lost, give it up” and her last attempt was to criticise me because I bothered to answer the question she publicly posed and to suggest I had spent a “long time” looking into her.  Um – it was a few minutes.  A couple of simple Google searches, Sue.  Which was the least I could do when you had demanded an answer of me so publicly.  I even asked her to confirm she definitely wanted an answer before I gave it, because I knew it was quite damning.  She confirmed she did.  Really brought this one entirely on herself.

Anyway, for all of the connections I found, they pale into insignificant before on that turned up later posted by David Gutteridge.  Sue Marshall had just denied she was a Momentum member again and he posted this doozy:


That’s Sue Marshall in the red, in the middle.  Oops.