The Cat Came Back

The Cat Came Back

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Recently, a stray cat turned up in the grounds of Wisbech Castle. The fella looked a little under the weather and sorry for itself, “nesting” under the bushes and extremely nervous and skittish.

Volunteers could not get close enough to check for injury, but did begin leaving out food, which the cat ate.

While Dave Topgood kept the cat fed, Brenda Barber suggested Facebook as an option, as she seemed to remember somebody had lost a cat like it some time ago.

Cut a long story short – the missing cat that was advertised by worried owners back in early December turns out to be the same cat, which has somehow made its way from Walsoken to inside the walls of Wisbech Castle.

Which just goes to show – even after weeks and weeks sometimes things just all work out in the end.

Today, one very happy family was reunited with their missing cat.