The Garden of Curious A’MUSE’ments

The Garden of Curious A’MUSE’ments

Join us on a voyage of discovery and innovation. East Anglia is a hotbed of trapped inspiration. The United Nations Board of Significant Inspiration are here to unleash it.

Come on a journey with the United Nations team of groundbreaking specialists, be guided through what it takes to find inspiration, have inspiration, harness inspiration and permanently hold inspiration.

The Garden is a interactive journey of inspiration, allowing audiences to harness the MUSE around them, our experienced scientific team with their Mad Hat machines and intriguing scientific procedures will pass the knowledge forward and share inspiration.

Alongside the main events, we will spread out across the town with drop in Marble Run workshops in local spaces, inspiration trails in heritage buildings and activities the shopping centres / market places.


Where: Wisbech Castle, Wisbech

When: 9th-12th August12pm-5pm

You’ll be taken on a journey through the MUSE’s using our specialist contraptions and muse infusing machines, inspired research activities will also be taking place. Be guided on your journey by our team of UNBOSI scientists, researchers and ambassadors, following your journey as a Muse Catcher you’ll have the ability to hold inspiration in your hand and remember don’t lose your marbles!

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