The Independent Party ™*

The Independent Party ™*

Well, they’re all at it this week.  All the Usual Suspects having their usual pops at me in the usual way.  Normally, I ignore them.  After all, it’s only fair.  I have pops at them too.  But it’s fascinating seeing their small but perfectly-formed little posse go to work.

David Patrick, was Liberal Democrat, now part of “The Independent Group* “, who refers to himself as @didpatrick on Twitter for no reason I’ve ever been able to determine, says :

Interesting that @stevetierney has no electoral mandate having lost 3 elections. But co-opted to town council. Others all won their seats

I point out that there would have been an election if his party, and the other parties, had bothered to put up candidates.  The fact that they did not is their own fault.  It might be because they are lazy, or disorganised, or unable to find candidates, or just not bright enough to understand they can call an election if they want to.  But I prefer to be generous and presume that the reason was simply because they were scared they would lose.  But notice how, as ever, they seek to escape responsibility for their own choices?  “That mean Steve Tierney, who got co-opted by a majority of the Town Council because we didn’t put up any Candidates ourselves!  Damn his evil bones for being lucky enough to have weak and ineffective opposition who couldn’t even organise a candidate for a local election.”  But Dave knows all this – he’s just having a pop.  I don’t mind.  It’d be fine if his crowd weren’t always trying to pretend they were “above all that.”

Virginia Bucknor, who always seems to pop up at about the same time as the rest of them – how strange, how strange – says to John Elworthy:

@johnelworthy V bitter man IMO having lost by few votes grinning to his acolytes as he placed mike few inches from speaker’s face #childish

Notice, the old “he is so bitter / sour grapes” argument coming up again?  They try this one a lot.  But check out this extract of a comment from Virginia Bucknor on Facebook:

When I stood in the 1997 general election against Malcolm Moss, that was my view as he’d done nothing for our area in his many years as our MP. 

Ooh.  Sour grapes?  Bitter?  Well, probably not actually.  She’s probably just expressing her view about an election she lost.  But isn’t it funny that when I do that it’s sour grapes and when she does it – it isn’t?  And when I do it then it’s “childish” but when she does it, it’s not?  Another common trait of the local opposition that I have observed is an inability to see the hypocrisy in their comments and positions.

It was suggested to me the other day that maybe, just maybe, Mrs. Bucknor is the “brains” behind the whole outfit, pulling the strings of the others like puppets.  Obviously, I said: “No way!  How very dare you?  Mrs. Bucknor is truly, truly, truly, truly Independent.  How could you suggest otherwise?”  The individual left with their tail between their legs, I can tell you.  Suggesting something like that!  Honestly!  Shocking and appalling.

Elsewhere on Facebook, my old pal Dave Prestige, who often assures people he “isn’t political” posed the following question:

Just a simple question to some of the councillors, both elected and otherwise – who read this page. Do you trust the electorate to get it right?

Note the “Councillors, both elected and otherwise” comment.  The Deju Vu made me chuckle.  Coincidence?  Coordinated?  Who knows?  But interesting nonetheless.

Nobody has called me “arrogant” for a few days though, so they’ve given that one a rest.  I expect it’ll pop back up the next time I oppose some attention-grabbing scheme they are pushing.  Or the next time I point out the huge holes in their flawed logic.  If you can’t construct a logical argument – try some name-calling?  Sounds like a plan.

No sign of Rob McLaren yet.  Normally, when the “Independent Group” and their allies appear to be whipped** into commenting as a herd, he pops up at some point.  But so far, no sign of him.  I think maybe the UKIP fellows would be at it too, but Social Media isn’t really their thing.  Too new-fangled?  I don’t know.  But I expect they think they’ve “done their bit” already.

Anyway, guys, feel free.  Team up, gang up, comment and brief whatever you like.  Make unfounded Standard Board complaints, bring your pet Editor into the fray, write angry letters to the newspaper, start a petition if that takes your fancy.  I find you all about as threatening and intimidating as a boiled egg.  No matter how hard you try to silence me, badger me and bully me I will still be here, cocking one amused eyebrow at your funny antics.  It’s like water off a Duck’s back, my old muckers.    Water off a duck’s back.


* The “Independent Party” is my personal label for them, sometimes abbreviated to WhIPs (Wisbech Independent Party).  It is a descriptive term used for simplicity and colour.  In both cases it represents a pet name of mine and should not be seen as a suggestion of any sort of official groupingThey all claim to be “completely Independent” and I certainly do not suspect that this is a complete and utter lie.  God forbid.
**  When I say “whipped” I am of course not referring “whip” in Political Party sense.  If I did that would suggest that I think they are actually a party, rather than a group of individuals, and there’s no way I think that.  Nope.  No way.  Rather, my use of the word “whipped” is simply my presumption of encouragement, purely a personal opinion and nothing more.