The Most Awful Lies Ever Told About Me

The Most Awful Lies Ever Told About Me

Please see below the full statement from the FDC Legal Team and Senior Officers on behalf of the Council, which demonstrates what a terrible and outright lie has been told about me.

My own statement:

This is the worst thing anybody has ever tried to do to me. I am still stunned that somebody would completely make up a story and spread such awful lies. I did not realise people could be so awful. I can only speculate as to who else might have been involved and what sort of unpleasant individual would think this was okay.

I don’t know why this gentleman decided to do this. I have barely had any interactions with him. But I have taken legal advice and will be proceeding as advised against both the originator of these awful lies and the people who shared them.

Thank you to all my friends for your support. It would have been so much worse if people had believed these lies and it has been a blessing to see that my many friends not only did not believe – but were angry on my behalf. Thank you.