The Shape Of The Week

The Shape Of The Week

On Monday I was in Shire Hall for Informal Cabinet and then meetings with officers in regards to my cabinet portfolio.  Today I am in London, on business – but I’ve had a number of calls and emails concerning casework and one from a Fenland pharmacist who I get regular useful news and reports from.   I must look into the uptake of the Flu jab, which may need some publicity to encourage those who would really benefit from it taking the time to go get it.

On Wednesday I am back at Shire Hall for a Cabinet / Senior Management Team business planning meeting, followed by two meetings with charities as part of a county-wide charity network I’m trying to encourage for feeding into the Health & Wellbeing Board.   I’ ve also got to find time to deliver the final batch of leaflets for the Police & Crime Commissioner elections on Thursday – I’ve done most areas in my county division now, but a couple of villages remain to do.

Thursday – most of the day put aside for electoral work of one kind or another.  This will be a fascinating election if the turnout is as low as some expect because it will lead to some surprising and unusual results.  I welcome this – the PPCs are such a new idea that having different models being tried across the nation will create a type of market approach, competitive, best practice and the like allowing innovation and creativity to thrive.  Nevertheless, I hope our Conservative candidate wins here.  Or, more accurately, I hope that the Labour or Lib Dem candidates do not win.  That would be an unfortunate situation for our county going forwards.

On Friday I’m in Hemel Hempstead for a day’s work and then on Saturday I’m back in london for a convention which will eat up most of the day and evening.  Sunday I will be attending my friend Sam Hoy’s baptism.

As weeks go, this one is quieter than most.